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the study of disease of former times (as inferred from fossil evidence)

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Elsevier, a world-leading publisher of scientific, technical and medical information products and solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of a new journal, International Journal of Paleopathology, the official journal of the Paleopathology Association (http://www.
Chapter 12 presents the paleopathology of the EB IA population--the stresses, illnesses, and traumas of sufficient duration or intensity to affect the bones, keeping in mind the short life span.
The book begins with a fascinating chapter on paleopathology and physiotherapy treatments past and present.
Paleopathology Association 30th annual meeting (North America) April 22 and 23, 2003, Tempe, Arizona, abstracts.
His material is mainly drawn from physical and cultural anthropology, but also includes works from archaeology, evolutionary biology, paleopathology, medical geography and sociology, and the history of medicine and epidemiology.
DNA analysis] is a very new approach to paleopathology," she points out.
Paleopathology of early Cenozoic Coryphodon (Mammalia; Pantodonta).
They present a brief history of paleopathology, step-by-step instructions on how to conduct a paleopathological analysis, the mechanics of bone remodeling, and specific diseases affecting each bone in the body, beginning with the skull and progressing down the skeleton.
The Cambridge encyclopedia of human paleopathology Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Nerlich, Division of Paleopathology, Institute of Pathology, Academic Clinic MunchenBogenhausen, Englschalkingerstr 77 D-81925, Munchen, Germany; email: andreas.
KEY WORDS: parasitism, trematodes, spionid polychaetes, Protothaca staminea, parasite-host interactions, paleopathology
Paleopathology of ancient Egyptian mummies and skeletons.
Mann and Hunt assist the beginning skeletal paleopathologist in recognizing common conditions in dry-bone specimens, giving a brief history of paleopathology and a description of its methods, describing the fundamentals of bone formation and remodeling, and then examining diseases of individual bones through text, drawings and photographs, giving several new cases in this edition.
This book is not a history of syphilis, a term which was not used to describe the disease until Fracastoro's poem of 1530, and the authors are not interested in the legitimacy of the Columbian question, or in using disease descriptions and paleopathology to find evidence of treponema pallidum after, or before, 1494.
Rothschild, who practices in Youngstown, Ohio, has become a leading figure in a burgeoning field called paleopathology -- the study of disease and injury in fossils.