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the study of disease of former times (as inferred from fossil evidence)

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Paleopathological analyses followed standard methods (Brickley and McKinley 2004; Buikstra and Ubelaker 1994), and interpretations were based on handbooks (Aufderheide and Rodriguez-Martin 1998; Ortner 2003; Roberts and Manchester 2005; Waldron 2009).
Hence, the pluricolumnal studied herein is the same age as or older than the oldest paleopathological modifications to crinoid columns (at least from eastern North America).
(ed.) (1996): Notes on populational significance of paleopathological conditions.
The aim of this article is to present the results of the context, C14 dating, and the bio-anthropological and paleopathological characterization of the SO10-IX mummy.
(63) Paleopathological analyses revealed definitive patterns of occupational stress, reflecting the sexually dimorphic role each individual played in his or her daily existence and subsistence.
Paleopathological studies on 40 teeth excavated in Burnt City's cemetery have revealed the kind of work the city's population most likely engaged in; the ancient teeth show that the inhabitants of the city used them as tools for weaving to make baskets and other handmade products.
Paleopathological studies of human bones include analysis of the elite individuals from the royal hypogeum (A.
Paleopathological evidence of the cranial remains from the Sima de los Huesos Middle Pleistocene site (Sierra de Atapuerca, Spain).
However, bilateral scapholunate advanced collapse being the foremost etiology in our patient group, is not a new pathology, as findings of bilateral SLAC wrist on a prehistoric skeleton from Hassi-el-Abiod site in Malian Sahara provide paleopathological evidence of the existence of this disease 7,000 years ago.
"Male-Female Immune Reactivity and Its Implications for Interpreting Evidence in Human Skeletal Paleopathology," in Sex and Gender in Paleopathological Perspective, ed.
Quevedo 1984 "The Prince of El Plomo: a Paleopathological Study".
(12) Smallpox, on the other hand, possesses both the necessary attack and mortality rate; its symptoms include the preceding headache and resulting pockmarks; Europeans such as Vines and his party would have been immune to its effects; and there is some paleopathological evidence of skeletal deformities consistent with smallpox attacks on children.
(13.) Paleopathological studies reveal evidence of interpersonal violence in Australia (Webb, 1989).
It is the intention of this study to provide paleopathological data recently obtained from the burial site found in Yoakum County, Texas; data that was recovered within the context of forensic anthropological services.
Paleopathological traces of other lesions have been diagnosed, such as respiratory diseases, rheumatism and degenerative arthritis, dental caries and tooth loss, eye infections, and filariasis.