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of or relating to paleontology

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The goals of MUVP include educating Egyptian vertebrate palaeontologists, expanding awareness of Egypt's vertebrate paleontological resources, and undertaking vertebrate paleontological collection, preparation, identification, anatomical study, and curation of Egyptian fossils.
Today's paleontological narrative wasn't born in the 16th century, however, but -- like the Moroccan state (indeed many states of the southern and eastern littoral of the Mediterranean) -- in the relatively recent history of the European colonial occupation.
The most recent came Friday, when he designated the Berry essa Snow Mountain, a biologically rich site in California; a paleontological site in Texas known as Waco Mammoth; and the Basin and Range in Nevada, which includes rock art dating back 4,000 years.
The dealers possess an incredible amount of knowledge regarding the geological, gemological, and paleontological sciences and will be able to assist in your selections.
A meeting with taxidermists from a paleontological museum in Paris years later helped him to choose taxidermy as his own profession and this career helped him merge his passion of fossils with his talent of sculpture.
The papers address biological and paleontological topics and serve as a tribute to the Kempf Database of Ostracoda (and include a biography of Eugen Karl Kempf).
Thirteen poorly mineralized vertebral centrae have been recovered from paleontological mitigation associated with housing development in the eastern Puente Hills.
According to paleontological evidence, the diet of early hominins included considerably more plants than the contemporary human diet, the researchers wrote in the study.
This is a true paleontological treasure," Carballido said in a statement on Friday on the museum website.
Utah is one of the most fertile grounds for dinosaur discovery in the world, a paleontological Mecca for fossil-lovers and scientists.
Chapters connect genetic studies and paleontological records with the debate surround the relationships between modern humans and Neanderthals.
Photos chronicle more than 150 years of paleontological finds in the limestone quarries of southwestern Wyoming.
From fieldwork and lab studies and the historical evolution of paleontological research, this considers different theories of dinosaur natural history and extinction, provides an organization of the various taxa into a workable order, and compiles dinosaurian genera, including excluded genera or doubtful genera.
Atthey died in 1880 and his specimens were saved for the North East by Lady Armstrong, who purchased them for the Natural History Society of Northumbria's paleontological collections.
According to specialists in the field, "Breal de Orocual" is the second largest in the Americas and is considered one of the most important paleontological sites in recent decades for the study of Late Pleistocene vertebrate fossils, reported local media.