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the study of ancient forms of writing (and the deciphering of them)

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Pinpointing how The Medieval Manuscript Book aims to knit literary theory with codicology and paleography, in order to put manuscript studies on a level playing field with print studies, Kerby-Fulton asserts that paleography is indeed creative work.
1521) Geography, Geology, Hydrography, Thalassography, Climatology, Flora, Fauna, Inhabitants--Classification, Their Origins, Paleography, Foreign Relations, Government, Civilization, Religion, Literature, Industry, Agriculture and Commerce, Earliest information about the Philippines in Europe, Bibliography.
Abegg provides a very readable primer on the various disciplines used to analyze the language and physical characteristics of a single scroll: paleography, orthography, phonology, morphology, and syntax.
However, Ken-ichi Takashima ("Lan-guage and Paleography," in Studies in Early Chinese Civilization: Religion, Society, Language and Paleography, ed.
The late epigraphist Shankar Man Rajavansi had published a detailed analysis of each glyph, syllable, numeral and ligature of the paleography in Licchavi Lipi Sangraha, a landmark essay in this area, followed by his "The Evolution of the Devanagari Script" (1974).
The course was attended by scholarly priests and nuns who would continue their studies for several years and then take exams that would grant them diplomas qualifying them as Paleography Archivists.
As regards issues of paleography and translation, Hult offers careful explanations of his choices.
He greatly enjoyed a long career in the world of finance, as well as his on-going studies of mediaeval paleography.
Bagnall speaks of "the scientific community" which, in context, means scholars of paleography (49).
This semi- annual yearbook covers topics focused on musicology, analysis, music theory, paleography, notation, source studies, archival research, music and institutions, and aesthetics for a scholarly audience.
The late fifteenth-century, Toledan provenance of the Beinecke Kyriale has been convincingly determined by Candelaria through his impressive interdisciplinary approach that took into consideration the iconography, paleography, the history of the work's ownership, and the connection to several related individual leaves from other liturgical books held by the Beinecke and the Pierpont Morgan Library.
The essays cover a wide range of material, from paleography to archaeology, from England to the continent, and from charters to saints' lives.
I regret," Brody writes, "that my coursework for the doctorate degree in literature did not require courses on the history of language, let alone classes in linguistics, paleography, typography, or printing" (23-24).
In "Scritture di glossa di lettori eruditi: un approccio paleografico," Paolo Radiciotti offers a panoramic overview of gloss-writing from late antiquity to the modern era which extends beyond paleography alone, while Paola Casciano, in "Francesco da Brescia apologeta del Valla in uno zibaldone colocciano (ms.
THE "FUTURE" OF EARLY modern dramatic manuscript studies is the present, as I learned at an excellent conference on "The Future of Manuscripts in a Switched-on World" held at the University of London in March 2002 and co-sponsored by its Centre for Paleography.