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the study of ancient forms of writing (and the deciphering of them)

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Bagnall speaks of "the scientific community" which, in context, means scholars of paleography (49).
From 1919-25, he lectured on music archaeology and paleography at the Archaeological Institute.
In perhaps the most challenging and time-consuming yet rewarding use of REED records in the classroom, he offers exercises in paleography that he modestly designates "guided collective tutorials" (155).
The late fifteenth-century, Toledan provenance of the Beinecke Kyriale has been convincingly determined by Candelaria through his impressive interdisciplinary approach that took into consideration the iconography, paleography, the history of the work's ownership, and the connection to several related individual leaves from other liturgical books held by the Beinecke and the Pierpont Morgan Library.
Significantly, the earliest of these Hebrew Scrolls were some one thousand years older than the Masoretic Text, dating to around the middle of the third century BCE (based on paleography and confirmed by radiocarbon dating).
The essays cover a wide range of material, from paleography to archaeology, from England to the continent, and from charters to saints' lives.
in the academic fields of medieval studies, Paleography, and art history.
Andrew Beresford writes on the Vida de Santa Maria Egipciaca, arguing that the single manuscript 'is as unified in terms of theme as it is in its paleography, language, and codicology' (p.
Some of the signs for the thousands may be multiplicative in nature, as there is a general resemblance between the signs for the hundreds and the corresponding signs for the thousands, although the paleography of the demotic numerals is too incomplete to warrant a firm conclusion.
How words are formed can be grasped only through [a knowledge of] philology and paleography.
Inside the Scrolls" provides a unique illustrated catalog of the contents of all 11 caves, including detailed analysis of every major scroll, and considers the methods of interpretation employed, including carbon-14 dating, paleography, and computer reconstruction.
In addition to orthodox history items, such as paleography and sarcophaguses, science and nature specimens related to the ecology of fauna and flora and active fault lines will also be on display in the new building.
The Quechua versions included here follow the Urbano reconstructions while retaining most of the paleography.
But the work doesn't exist in a realm of fantasy; there's too much deep structure of familiar archaeology and paleography for that easy course, and thus the work is continuously subject to anchoring constraints.
1 (spring 1993): 107-9), an important work in the tradition of Bowers and Gaskell that brings together and analyzes related fields such as bibliography, typography, paleography, and textual criticism.