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the study of ancient forms of writing (and the deciphering of them)

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The photos included by Meyer are not clear enough to allow linguistic or paleographic analysis.
The exploratory element investigates medieval handwriting using a combination of traditional paleographic analysis and digital processing in order to uncover previously undetected signs of movement disorders.
Biodiversity patterns of the marine benthic fauna on the Atlantic coast of tropical Africa in relation to hydroclimatic conditions and paleographic events.
This article is concerned exclusively with the paleographic issues of Codex Cl.
The description starts with a physical analysis of the exemplar, including paleographic remarks.
The manuscript of John a Kent and John a Cumber written in the hand of Anthony Munday contains at the end a date in another hand that begins 'Decembris 159-' and ends with a figure that has caused considerable con troversy among paleographic experts.
Alexander [2000] indicates that paleographic dating of the cave four manuscripts ranges from about 125 BCE to 50 CE.
In the present publication we are given a facsimile reproduction of the original nipah-palm manuscript and a parallel diplomatic edition accompanied by paleographic and codicological remarks.
Together with the author's and the copyist's variant, I would like to mention the "technological variant": using an OCR software the attempts made so far to scan, acquire, and restore the manuscript have produced paleographic errors made by the machine which are altogether similar to those made by scribes such as erroneous grouping of adjacent letters, distortion of letters with bars, wrong recognition of spaces between letters and words, etc.
1) a handwriting matching tool that is used to join together fragments of the same scribe, and (2) a paleographic classification tool that matches a given document to a large set of paleographic samples.
Maria Carmela Gatto, associate research scholar in Egyptology at Yale University, said that the researchers don't know with certainty who the king represented at Hamdulab is but can only guess on paleographic and iconographic grounds, Discovery News reported.
Mahes Raj Pant's several incisive papers closely analyze and discuss the paleographic issues relating to medieval inscriptions, manuscripts, and rolled palm leafs.
Cherepnin lamented the almost total lack of paleographic research on the 19th century, (9) but his own attempt to redress the balance was limited to the manuscripts of a few major writers and political figures.
Juan Pedro Monferrer-Sala, "Once Again on the Earliest Christian Arabic Apology: Remarks on a Paleographic Singularity" [195-197]
Mid-ocean ridge and island-arc affinities in ophiolites from Iran: paleographic implications.