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the study of ancient forms of writing (and the deciphering of them)

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Rollston's detailed paleographic analysis of the developments in Old Hebrew script (pp.
What a particular element in a character form represents is one of the basic questions in a paleographic analysis; yet at times the answer is not straightforward.
Stein purposefully avoids most biographical information, paleographic descriptions, and material on performance practice.
His work presents a combination of historical, paleographic, and linguistic findings that warrant the attention of scholars beyond the field of Meroitic language studies.
The study of genres and the exposition of the historical context of the Saint-Martial and Calixtinus sources are weaker, though no less interesting; Karp does not appear to encourage himself to reinforce his arguments with material that should play a greater role in an all-encompassing study such as his: the current state of the question, physical description of the sources, paleographic analysis, chronology, and the like.
She was completely faithful to the manuscript in reproducing its orthographic and paleographic particularities.
paleographic evidence that might shed additional light on the contested dates for the manuscript's compilation).
Sukenik's familiarity with lapidary inscriptions on ossuaries and other stone objects enabled him to see broad dating scope for the scrolls, but the best available clue at that time was the Nash Papyrus which provided a more precise paleographic guide for dating.
In addition to the missing information on the identity and activity of the author, one often finds little if any information on the date or provenance of the material and must resort to detailed paleographic study in order to place such works properly.
This can be determined in a number of ways including specific socio-political references in the text, theophoric elements, onomastic features, or paleographic analysis.
Finally, recent paleographic evidence, above all the Yemeni manuscript find, might undermine the authors' view of the late codification of the Qur'an (although it should be remembered that the antiquity of the Sana'a' fragments is far from settled--the only dated manuscript is from 357/968).
Archi brings out the importance of not confusing the Old, Middle, and Neo-Hittite linguistic and paleographic scheme with the historical situation, which does not lend itself to the term Middle Kingdom.
Further, paleographic arguments seem made without recourse to original tablets.
Gimli's only contribution is to identify the hand that wrote the Elvish characters, and he bases this deduction on his personal knowledge of his kinsman Ori, not on his paleographic learning.
It also provides a typology of inscribed objects from Campa ([section] 3), delineates the coverage of the catalog ([section] 4), expounds the difference between script and language ([section] 5), traces the paleographic developments that took place in Campa ([section] 6), discusses the use of Sanskrit and Cam in the inscriptions of Campa ([section][section] 7-8), and gives some generalizations about the content of the inscriptions ([section] 9).