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an archeologist skilled in paleography

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The Paleographer and the Manager: A Tale of Modern Times.
An Indologist, linguist, paleographer, historian, writer, and translator, he knew twelve languages including Sanskrit, Pali, Tochari, and other ancient languages.
I offer three arguments for supplying missing letters within pointed brackets on the condition that the REED editor and the REED paleographer can agree on what the original reading must have been.
Armando Petlucci is a renowned paleographer and scholar of writing.
Paleographer Armando Petrucci has authenticated it as being in Margherita's hand, and both Petrucci himself and the director of the Archivio di stato di Prato have conveyed this information to this writer by personal communication.
Paleographer Stephen Pfann, an expert in ancient writings, said a crucial piece of evidence is wrong.
S., however, is no mere paleographer and cataloger of medieval theological texts; she is an expert historical theologian of the Middle Ages--as evidenced in her splendid Introduction (1-34), which deftly describes the span of medieval theological literature and the evolving social and ecclesiastical institutions that helped create it.
Society in 1911, coinciding with the paleographer Edward Maunde
Descended from a clan of lawyers and stockbrokers, trained as an archivist and paleographer, Martin du Gard was a writer to whom rigor, prudence, and meticulous documentation came naturally.
Radding has done the community of scholars of medieval literature and history a great service by gathering and translating ten articles written between 1972 and 1986 by the great Italian paleographer and cultural historian Armando Petrucci.
Writing in PBSA (90, March 1996: 104-8), Tom Davis complained that Rendell was neither a forensic scientist nor a paleographer and that his account was marred by factual errors, poor methodology, and bad writing.
23 Letter 'To Arthur Charlett 2 September 1699', Letters of Humfrey Wanley: Paleographer, Anglo-Saxonist, Librarian, 1672-1726, ed.
The aspirations that encouraged Charlemagne to regard himself as a second David are not without their echoes in the choice of script for the epitaph of Pope Hadrian I, nor indeed in the great bibles that were written at Tours at the turn of the ninth century.(2) So the paleographer needs a historical eye.(3) But he must also have an artistic, or calligraphic, eye, for though the majority of manuscripts are of no great calligraphic merit, there are some features of scripts that grow from the actual technique of writing and reach back behind the mere ciphers on the page, while others express the impulse to order and elegance of the craftsman or bear the imprint of the artist.
Originally trained as a paleographer and archivist, Martin du Gard brought to his works a spirit of objectivity and a scrupulous regard for details.