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the branch of ecology that studies ancient ecology

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Taphonomy and paleoecology of middle Miocene vertebrate assemblages, southern Potwar Plateau, Pakistan.
Arctic ground squirrels of the mammothsteppe: Paleoecology of late Pleistocene middens (~24000-29450 [sup.14]C yr BP), Yukon Territory, Canada.
These signatures are used as a valuable tool for the documentation and classification of the effects of predatory gastropods on natural beds, aquaculture sites, and also in paleoecology studies (Carriker 1981, Griffiths 1981, Vermeij 1983, Wickens & Griffiths 1985, Kowalewski 1993, 2004, Ishida 2004, Harding et al.
He suggests that the material might also interest professionals who want to discover modern paleoecology with an emphasis on evolution and conservation.
A community of researchers studying fire in the Earth system with individual expertise that included paleoecology, paleoclimatology, modern ecology, archaeology, climate, and Earth system modeling, statistics, geography, biogeochemistry, and atmospheric science met at an intensive workshop in Massachusetts to explore new research directions and initiate new collaborations.
Rancho La Brea stable isotope biogeochemistry and its implications for the paleoecology of Late Pleistocene coastal Southeast California.
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He has two sons who are students at Appalachian State University and UNC Charlotte, majoring in Paleoecology and Electrical Engineering.
* Paleoecology: Study of the ecology and climate of the past, as revealed both by fossils and by other methods.