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the branch of ecology that studies ancient ecology

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Due to rare sedimentary structures, diagenetic alterations and absence of mechanical grains, only reliable criteria have been used to interpret environment of deposition is paleoecology of fauna (Flugel, 2004).
Paleoecology and taphonomy of an edrioasteroid-encrusted hardground association from tentaculitid limestones in the Early Devonian of New York: a Paleozoic rocky peritidal community.
Equisetales) from the Jurassic San Agustin hot spring deposit, Patagonia: anatomy, paleoecology, and inferred paleoecophysiology.
Taphonomy and paleoecology of middle Miocene vertebrate assemblages, southern Potwar Plateau, Pakistan.
After an introduction to dinosaurs he discusses hard tissues, soft tissues, phylogeny, form, locomotion and posture, feeding and diet, reproduction, growth, physiology, paleoecology and dwelling, and macroevolution and extinction.
Evolution of horns in ungulates: Ecology and Paleoecology.
It also emphasizes the importance of recording data about the rock in which fossils are preserved, which can give us important clues as to the paleoecology of these animals," Longrich said.
The history of the Lake Louise Field Station, from its 1951 purchase by George Leiby to its acquisition in 2009 by Valdosta State University, provides an interesting and varied look into the stewardship critical to teaching and research and the role played by the station in the development of the fields of paleoecology, paleotempestol-ogy and ethnohistory.
Sears' early ecological interests continued to expand over 70 years into such areas as vegetation mapping, paleoecology, climate change and conservation.
The Florissant formation's fossil beds and petrified forest are interesting in themselves but also shed light on questions of paleoecology, macroevolution, and taphonomy (the study of the process of fossilization).
His research has focused on paleoecology and the geologic history of climate change.
A late Wisconsin and Holocene vegetation history from the central Brooks Range: Implications for Alaskan paleoecology.
The pollen diagram derived from the Heisler sedimentary sequence permits an interpretation of the late-glacial vegetation and paleoecology at a time when mastodons and other large Pleistocene mammals occupied lower Michigan and the earliest human activity in the state was occurring.