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the olfactory cortex of the cerebrum

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Aunque la corteza cerebral presenta algunos patrones de organizacion comunes en diferentes sectores, es una estructura con variaciones regionales muy amplias, estableciendose fundamentalmente dos extremos, la alocorteza, conformada por el paleocortex y el arquicortex, y la neocorteza.
An initial version of this derived algorithm arose from studies of feedforward excitation and feedback inhibition in the olfactory paleocortex and bulb (Ambros-Ingerson, Granger, and Lynch 1990; Gluck and Granger 1993), and was readily generalized to nonolfactory modalities (vision, audition) whose superficial layers are closely related to those of olfactory cortex, evolutionarily and structurally (Kilborn, Granger, and Lynch 1996; Granger 2002).
Simulation of Paleocortex Performs Hierarchical Clustering.
Functional imaging shows the vulnerable circuitry for addiction originating in the paleocortex.