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As we discuss below, his approach is highly characteristic of contemporary research, and it is therefore with clear justification that we refer to Dawson in the title of this paper as a very modern paleobotanist.
But it's the ancient image of the tree's needles and branches that make an impression on paleobotanists.
To staff its lab, the Geological Survey could either hire a trained paleobotanist from Europe or train Brush.
Such exquisite detail was probably preserved when minerals dissolved in hot, salty water rapidly solidified within the entombed, living plant, paleobotanist Benjamin Bomfleur of the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm and colleagues report in the March 21 Science.
AONB Partnership's Peatscapes Project manager Paul Leadbitter will outline the programme which is restoring the area's peat bogs, while English Heritage's paleobotanist Jacqui Huntley will reveal how evidence of the climate and landscapes of the distant past is being revealed by tiny pollen grains and bugs preserved in the peat.
Another prominent geologist was Marie Stopes, a paleobotanist with a Ph.
Cruisin' the Fossil Freeway (Fulcrum, 978-1-55591-451-6) takes Paleobotanist Kirk R.
According to the Gainsville Sun, the excavations at the site were led by Jonathan Bloch, associate curator of vertebrate paleontology at the Florida Museum of Natural History; and Carlos Jaramillo, a paleobotanist with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, reports Fox News.
What we have found is that he consumed an omnivorous diet," says Klaus Oeggl, a paleobotanist at the University of Innsbruck in Austria who is analyzing the nonmeat parts of the stomach con tents.
Carbon dating and other scientific analyses available only within the past 30 years have provided the Museum with a more accurate biography of the mastodont that was discovered near the Cohoes Falls in 1866, says Norton Miller, a Museum paleobotanist.
The controversy was resolved by the Swedish paleobotanist Rudolf Florin (1938-45) who demonstrated a reduction series, starting with ancestral Cordaitales and early, now extinct, coniferous groups, in which the ovulate strobilus was indeed a branched structure.
We were expecting to find rapid extinction, a total change in the forest," says study leader Carlos Jaramillo, a paleobotanist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Balboa, Panama.
Clearly, this new fossil would have been part of the food-chain, both as predator and prey," said Bloch, who co-led the fossil-hunting expeditions to Cerrejon with Smithsonian paleobotanist Carlos Jaramillo.