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Synonyms for paleness

unnatural lack of color in the skin (as from bruising or sickness or emotional distress)

the property of having a naturally light complexion

being deficient in color


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As the name passed her lips the flush on Miss Silvester's face died away, and a deadly paleness took its place.
Her face being, from her entrance, towards the chancel, even her shortsighted eyes soon discerned Will, but there was no outward show of her feeling except a slight paleness and a grave bow as she passed him.
The Prince gave a start, his generally quiet eye flashed, and a death-like paleness spread over his impassible features.
Lynde wanted to know what else you could expect with a Tory superintendent of education at the head of affairs, and Matthew, noting Anne's paleness and indifference and the lagging steps that bore her home from the post office every afternoon, began seriously to wonder if he hadn't better vote Grit at the next election.
His hair, of which he had a great profusion, was red, and hanging in disorder about his face and shoulders, gave to his restless looks an expression quite unearthly--enhanced by the paleness of his complexion, and the glassy lustre of his large protruding eyes.
The almost purple flush had given way to paleness, and his hand was cold.
persistent restlessness, paleness or is unable to stand or walk, have fresh blood in stools or dehydrated, he or she should be immediately taken to the doctor.
It was during one of these competitions that Brenz's teacher and coach noticed his paleness.
However, there are vague and non-specific symptoms such as tiredness, paleness, loss of appetite, weight loss, bone pain and generalized discomfort.
He said: "I was immediately struck by the paleness of the animal, did a quick U-turn and pulled in to get my binoculars and camera.
Frequent and difficult breathing are the initial symptoms, followed by paleness, teeth squeezing, and purple discoloration of the lips, which last for 1-2 min.
He suffers from weight loss and paleness in his face.
BATTLING ON BUT while the symptoms - including tiredness, shortness of breath, palpitations and a rapid heart rate, headaches, paleness, hair loss and brittle nails - can have a significant impact, they're often ignored, or dismissed as an inevitable side-effect to our hectic, modern lifestyles.
Dry cracked lips Though fatigue and paleness are most commonly associated with anaemia or lack of iron, Perry said dry, cracked lips - "especially at the corners of the mouth" - can also be a sign.