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in a manner lacking interest or vitality

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10) He then reappeared in the dining car with an interested crowd of people following him and asked to speak to Xanthe, who up until then had kept palely quiet.
Whirling spray and rock and cloud together, Turner's squally watercolour looms out of the 19th century like a typhoon, capturing all the precariousness of the beacon palely glimpsed in the midst of an almighty gale.
Personally, I think it's best when it's palely loitering in a cheesy sauce as a midweek supper at home, probably with a chunk of crusty bread.
The poems are akin to 'slight water-colour sketches' that palely suggest 'a soft emergence of changing moods' and are, graced by 'a passionate humbleness, a suppliant pride under pain.
Mameri came one afternoon and took away the velvet-upholstered living room chairs as my mother watched, kneading her hands and smiling palely.
THE SUN HADN'T broken the eastern horizon before the first flock of Canada geese appeared against the palely lit sky.
Certainly O'Brien, so palely intense earlier in the week that it looked as if he was attending under orders, had paused for reflection.
Sarah Jones, The Dining Room (Francis Place) I, 1997 [umlaut] Sarah Jones, courtesy Maureen Palely, London; inset, Sarah Lucas, Self Portrait with Mug of Tea 1993 [umlaut] Sarah Lucas
In a major arbitration, the task of tracing and assembling these documents may take months and cost considerable sums of money, with phrases such as 'warehouse discovery' only palely reflecting the scope of the work to be done.
There is also, arguably, a response, in The Macdermots to Lady Morgan's Wild Irish Girl 'in focusing on a now-diminished Irish family of noble line: Morgan's Milesian Prince of Inishmore is palely echoed in Trollope's Larry Macdermot, a true Milesian, descendant of a Connaught Prince.
Even when he saw Jeff palely clutching the door, he felt sure it would be Milo who spoke.