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"'The Ears of the Palefaces Could Not Hear Me': Languages of Self-Representation in Zitkala-Sa's Autobiographical Essays." Prose Studies 20 (1): 58-76.
Given that Tashlin's fables always involve put-upon animals and conformity, like 'The Bear That Wasn't' being forced to think he is human, having Roy Rogers and Trigger in "Son of Paleface" was a bonus.
Louis, MO 15 Elliott's Shooting Club, Kansas (Loss) 410-391 City, MO 16 Omaha Gun Club, Omaha, NE (Loss) 435-419 17 Des Moines Gun Club, Des Moines, (Loss) 408-397 IA 18 Twin City Gun Club, Minneapolis, (Loss) 457-447 MN 19 Badger Gun Club, Milwaukee, WI (Loss) 440-404 20 Lincoln Park Gun Club, Chicago, (Loss) 444-434 IL 21 Chicago Gun Club, Chicago, IL (Loss) 453-406 22 Edgewater Gun Club, Toledo, OH Unknown (63) 23 Pastime Gun Club, Detroit, Ml (Loss) 427-422 24 Syracuse Gun Club, Syracuse, NY Unknown 25 (Thanksgiving) New York Athletics Club, New (Loss) 443-405 York, NY 27 Paleface Gun Club, Boston, MA (Loss) 437-414
(6) Rahv's essay "Paleface and Redskin" first appeared in the 1939 issue of The Kenyon Review.
Tashlin penned the zeitgeist comedy "The Girl Can't Help It" and also wrote one of Bob Hope's biggest hits, "The Paleface," in 1948.
As Gooblar affirms in his introduction, "Alternating between inward and outward perspectives, between the willed extreme of a noble profession and the willed extreme of a sordid one, between paleface and redskin, Roth has made a career out of such shifts, and this study argues that this has been a defining characteristic of Roth's writing from its beginnings to the start of the present century" (2-3).
TG4 FIERY: The THE DRAGON 7.00 Cula 4 na nOg 54449913 10.30 Little House on the Prairie 50649994 12.25 Ceol on Chartlann le Paul Brady 39871361 12.55 An Aimsir Laithreach 50380352 1.00 Film: Son of Paleface (1952/PG) ????
Investigators have collected evidence tying Osuna to a drug ring operated by Alejandro Jimenez, a Costa Rican cartel boss known popularly as El Palidejo (paleface).
Then there is the baseless and derogatory story that I, a blue-eyed paleface, played the "race card" against, er, a brown-faced New Labour man of Pakistani heritage and of Muslim faith (as he never paLat tired of telling us).
In 1948, they won for "Buttons and Bows," written for the movie The Paleface. They won their second Oscar for "Mona Lisa," from the movie Captain Carey, U.S.A.
Fard--"world-famous psychiatrist and the internationally Prize-winning author of Paleface and Ebony Mask"(175)--also evokes not only Nation of Islam founder Wallace Muhammad Fard but also the Nation's most controversial former member.
Spit: Hey paleface, I'm considerably richer than yow.
Instant dividends Perhaps the Athlone-based Paleface Sioux Syndicate should pool together for a lotto ticket this week.
These pictures were to be transcriptions for future generations that they might behold the Indian as nearly lifelike as possible as he moved about before he ever saw a paleface or knew there was anything human or in nature other than what he himself had seen.
Russell starred in a number of hit movies, including Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, with Marilyn Monroe, and The Paleface and Son of Paleface, with Bob Hope.