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having a pale face

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I found her to be a silent, pale-faced woman, much younger than her husband, not more than thirty, I should think, while he can hardly be less than forty-five.
Already round this pale-faced, handsome, black-bearded man there was gathering an atmosphere of mystery and of gloom.
Oh, we've all read a lot about pale-faced phantoms in the dark; but this was more dreadful than anything of that kind could ever be.
Nichols would send her daughter, a pale-faced, sullen child of seven, to the hotel.
The mutton was eaten with gusto, and it did one good to see what a hearty appetite the pale-faced lady had.
Who should it be but the pale-faced, bearded man, who seemed himself in so nervous a state.
At any rate, a pale-faced young man with sad eyes was already on his feet, delivering an accurately worded speech with perfect composure.
A pale-faced Japanese servant stood by his side with a glass in his hand.
There was the great French actress who had every charm but youth, chatting vivaciously with a tall, pale-faced man whose French seemed to be as perfect as his attitude was correct.
We will show her how to make constitutions and turn pale-faced little ghosts into rosy, hearty girls.
Then he turned his eager fiery gaze upon the pale-faced monk who faced him.
In a dim inclined mirror, Flora caught sight down to the waist of a pale-faced girl in a white straw hat trimmed with roses, distant, shadowy, as if immersed in water, and was surprised to recognize herself in those surroundings.
There is a rush of small boys upon the little pale-faced man, the two sides mingling together, subdued by the great goddess Thirst, like the English and French by the streams in the Pyrenees.
A pale-faced, tired-looking young girl answered her knock at the door.
George meanwhile, with his hat on one side, his elbows squared, and his swaggering martial air, made for Bedford Row, and stalked into the attorney's offices as if he was lord of every pale-faced clerk who was scribbling there.