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having a pale face

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Its a big vehicle (4,645mm long and 1,805mm wide) to be commuting in on your own but a glance around at the other pale-faced automatons gallantly edging their way towards another working week revealed plenty of larger cars with a single occupant on board.
The 48-year-old veteran actor plays pale-faced and long finger nailed vampire Barnabas Collins in a new Tim Burton film, based on a 1960s TV drama of the same name, the Mirror reported.
Once known for her perfect, athletic body, the 48-year-old Hollywood star appears painfully thin and pale-faced under the strain of her six-year marriage being shattered so publicly.
THE pale-faced little boy on the bottom far left went on to leave his sickly childhood behind to be the drummer of the biggest band in the world.
MOVIE legend Jack Nicholson slaps on so much suncream he looks almost as pale-faced as The Joker.
pale-faced, with blackened hands and arms, the stench
He was a Norman, a member of a pale-faced gang of warriors who charged over the Channel from Northern France with William The Conqueror.
Scaramouche Jones, by Justin Butcher, chronicles the adventures of a pale-faced son of a gypsy who was always fated to be a clown.
So if you see a pale-faced agent in March, be kind.
I've wondered why I feel so comforted at these places, other than the surreal experience of being surrounded by fellow pale-faced, freckled, auburn-haired brethren.
A team insider commented that he had never seen the pale-faced Sav so subdued.
a pale-faced race of men-like creatures with whip-like arms,
The dark clothes remind the pretty Glaswegian actress of her teenage days as a pale-faced, cross-wearing Goth.
With Sleeping Beauty, it was encountering a pale-faced young heroin addict begging for money in a Zurich street.
The brouhaha began when T&G columnist James Dempsey spoofed a convention of priests in town: "I'm talking about a group of men who dress exclusively in black, not unlike those pale-faced kids who call themselves Goths, and whose hero is a convicted criminal who received the death penalty.