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the study of the geography of ancient times or ancient epochs

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He provided palaeogeographic reconstructions, suggesting that the deposits of the Gauja RS were formed in a southerly prograding deltaic zone (northeastern part of the basin) and a shallow sea (the rest of the basin).
2006): The Iberian Middle Jurassic carbonate-platform system: Synthesis of the palaeogeographic elements of its eastern margin (Spain).
Sedimentary facies and palaeogeographic reconstruction reveal that potential sources (or sediment supply areas) for oil shale are located in the southern part of the central uplift [14] where the Mesozoic strata are widely spread, including the Late Triassic Nadi Kangri Formation volcanic-volcaniclastic rocks and conglomerates.
The position of the northern boundary of the distribution area of graptolite argillite and obolus sandstone (with phosphorite) prior to the continental glaciation is not known, but based on the palaeogeographic conclusions (Mannil, 1966), it was several kilometres or even tens of kilometres northward of their present-day outcrop line in the klint escarpment.
In a recent study using palaeogeographic reconstructions and palaeo-oceanographic modelling, Ali and Huber (2010) concluded that strong surface currents flowed from north-east Mozambique and Tanzania eastwards towards Madagascar during the Palaeogene, and concord perfectly with conditions favourable for "sweepstake" dispersal of founder individuals from continental Africa.
It also reviews the molecular datasets of the modern Amazonian rainforest and aquatic ecosystem, and discusses the possible relations between the origin of Amazonian species diversity and the palaeogeographic, palaeoclimatic and palaeoenvironmental evolution of northern South America.
put it that palaeogeographic changes of the North Black Sea area during Early to Middle Holocene is of crucial interest in the understanding of the spread of the Neolithic to Central and Western Europe, and a good method to develop a framework for Preand Proto-historic societal adaptation to environmental changes.
Thus, the implications of NPPs are very useful for palaeogeographic reconstructions in dynamic areas, such as the geological setting of Costa Rica.
Finally, we attempt to determine the degree and extent to which modern clearing and past climate-induced salinisation are analogous and whether dryland salinity differs from that which is ascribed to the palaeogeographic record.
Part I: stratigraphic position, distribution, and palaeogeographic significance.
2001, An outline of the palaeogeographic evolution of the Australasian region since the beginning of the Neoproterozoic: Earth Science Reviews, v.
There are six sections: Palaeogeographic background (2 papers), Palaeozoic and Mesozoic geology and biogeography (5), Wallace's Line (6), Plant geography and evolution (5), Non Primates (7), Primates (6), of which three (Morwood, Davidson and Smith) deal specifically with human history.
Distributions on both sides of the Atlantic that would otherwise be incomprehensible, such as that of the remipede crustacean Speleonectes, the thermosbaenacean shrimps Halosbaena and Monodella, the isopod Curassanthura and the polychaete Namanereis hummelincki, contract into a coherent group when their current distributions are plotted on palaeogeographic maps of the seas in the late Mesozoic.
Migration and distribution of rodents in central Chile since the Pleistocene: the palaeogeographic evidence.