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The study was conducted by an international team of researchers, including Vandana Prasad of the Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany in Lucknow, India, who studied the dinosaur coprolites, or fossilised dung.
The cells reproduce by "fusing," Ranjeet Kar, of the Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany in Lucknow, said.
Many specialists and archeologists, as well as scientists involved in anthropology, palaeozoology, Palaeobotany and other scientific fields from Berlin have contributed to researcher's results that also brought fourth to the audiences' attention the challenges facing Jordan resulting from the rapid increase of its population, water shortage and depletion of natural resources.
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Palaeolinguistics or language origin research must lean--if possible, more than comparative linguistics, its "older brother" did--on disciplines like climatic history, palaeobotany and -zoology, demostatistics, ethnolinguistics, ethnography and folklore of native peoples of remote continents (Oceania, Australia, Greenland, etc.
Specialists from South Australia, interstate and overseas were employed to address a range of research areas, including chronology (Pate et al 1998; Prescott et al 1983; Pretty 1986, 1988), mortuary practices (Pate 1984; Pretty 1977), demography (Prokopec 1979), population biology (Brown 1989; Pardoe 1995; Pietrusewsky 1984; Pretty et al 1998), palaeopathology (Pretty and Kricun 1989; Prokopec and Pretty 1991), dental anthropology (Smith et al 1988), forensic science (Pretty 1975), palaeodiet (Pate 2000), palaeoecology (Parker 1989; Paton 1983), palaeobotany (Boyd and Pretty 1989), soil chemistry (Pate et al 1989), and earth sciences (Firman 1984; Rogers 1990).
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PalaeoMicroBot will develop new methods to obtain high-resolution data by incorporating the last developments in geoarchaeology, palaeobotany and archaeology.
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