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form a pair or pairs

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Allan had a spin, letting the lead pair off the hook and into an unassailable advantage.
A formidable association with trainer Richard Fahey is what clinched the prize last November and it was the stable's Miss Work Of Art who got the pair off the mark.
They attempt to pair off Mary with Tom's boyhood friend Ken (Peter Wight), but it's a match made in misery.
Otherwise when the evening ends and people pair off, someone is bound to be left in tears.
as d a pair off amme ut top of the s and e estelling ingles all time ar.
When he was dropping the pair off, Watling told him to wind down the window but he drove off to tell police and Watling was later arrested.
However for that stage in the process to happen the X chromosomes have to quickly pair off, via process called colocalization, in a way that allows each part of those pairs of X chromosomes to be very close together and aligned in a particular way.
One of the teacher's first acts, as I stood on the mat barefoot and gee-clad with that class 20 years ago, was to pair off each student with a partner of a similar height and weight so we could practice flipping each other and the like.
ENERGY DEBATES: Organize pro and con debate teams or pair off individuals for each of the energy sources in the "Energy Alternatives" section on p.
Most other wrens in this genus pair off and fiercely defend a territory.
Pair off the three-letter words on the left to make three words of six letters.
There's no sex in the charming and beautiful children's book King & King, about a prince who figures out that he'd rather pair off with Prince Charming than Cinderella.