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a capsule filled with water-soluble dye used as a projectile in playing the game of paintball

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a game that simulates military combat

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(Paintballers take note.) In fact, you have the most useful type of military drone, a reconnaissance drone.
(151) Later, after the FBI questioned one of the paintballers, two others asked al-Timimi for advice.
Its inventors say the tank will provide infantry paintballers with armoured cover when they take on rival teams - just like in real battles.
But the paintballers were also shown propaganda videos of atrocities inflicted on Muslims in Chechnya and Palestine.
At up to 10 grand per hunter, perhaps southeast Arkansas could shake itself from economic doldrums and become the tourism destination for human-hunting paintballers: "Hunting for Deadbeat Ex-hubby," "Hunting for That Guy Who Only Talks to Skinny Blondes at the Gym," "Hunting for the Guy Who Flipped You Off on the Highway."
She also was sporting a new look that she describes as "Darth Vader-like." It's a piece of black rubber headgear and goggles that is similar to those worn by paintballers.
Several of the teams are professional paintballers, along with novice teams, all trying to make it through to Sunday's final.
The event is being held in the countryside near Cowbridge on Sunday, December 2 and individual and team paintballers have the chance to sign up to fight from today.