paintball gun

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an air gun used in the game of paintball

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Surely he was a bit of a mad dog with a paintball gun in his hand.
It's bad enough being hit with a normal paintball gun never mind one that has been frozen.
A local mum said that the men with the paintball gun had been inside a nearby shop in Molyneux Road before the shooting.
A VAN containing laser tag and paintball guns has been stolen after a woman was shoved from the vehicle as she desperately tried to stop the thief.
The axed BBC presenter was on tour with Richard Hammond, 45, and James May, 52, when he "accidentally" shot an audience member with a paintball gun.
The company had identified a new type of paintball gun that fired smaller, lighter pellets, making the game much more comfortable for players.
They ended up creating an inch-thick foam ball that's dense enough to be shot in a straight line at almost 70 miles an hour, about a third of the speed of a paintball gun.
A 25-year-old Bulgarian man was sentenced to five and a half years in jail on Wednesday after he was found guilty of robbing a bank with a paintball gun.
When one of our pupils, who has difficulties with his hands, couldn't hold the paintball gun, the soldier simply found a different way for them to do it and in a moment they had achieved something they didn't think "I'they could do.
Designed as a tool to mark trees and cattle, the Nelspot 007 has another distinction: It was the first paintball gun.
settled on Domestic Tension as the title of his installation art piece, which allowed viewers on the Internet to point and shoot a paintball gun at him.
have acquired a non-lethal, but still potent, paintball gun that is a compressed air fired semi-automatic that dispatches non-toxic 8.
Mullen, 16, trashed cars, shot a bus and a man in the face with a stolen paintball gun and vowed to firebomb a police officer's home.
The world could see him via webcam, and people could also shoot at him with a paintball gun that was accessed through the Internet.
CANOGA PARK -- Wilson Delcastillo could spend two years in jail for shooting a paintball gun at a 12-year-old, the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office announced Friday.