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a roller that has an absorbent surface used for spreading paint

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Stretch and flex when painting your walls - using a paint roller is a great way to get a full upper-body workout.
With a 6-inch paint roller, we applied two coats of low-sheen black latex enamel paint to all visible surfaces, using long strokes in one direction (we used a 2-inch paint roller for the corners and edging).
Mr Osborne donned casual clothes and wielded a paint roller as the finishing touches were put to a disused office block in the City of London, which can host 300 homeless people from December 23 to 30.
Imagine 2-foot-thick stacked Geofoam walls glued together using a paint roller.
Anyone who would like to help with the painting should bring their own paint roller.
Manufacturers use an object similar to a paint roller with a velvet cloth attached, which is run across the surface of a substrate.
The motifs included a white, stylized deer graphic on pink; black-and-white variations on ellipses-within-circles; and a few squares with simulated fake-wood paneling created with a handmade paint roller (get it?
sion commercials bring to life a paintbrush, paint roller, sponge and a wall.
They have seen Clinton trade his crutches for a paint roller, Colin Powell trade his button-down for a T-shirt, Al Gore don a tool belt, Hillary Clinton put on white weeding gloves.
On the trivial side, Canadians and Canada can take credit for the McIntosh apple, ginger ale, the robotic Canadarm on space shuttles (let's face it, only Canadians know or care about this thing), the invention of the telephone, green ink, the paint roller, half of Superman, the zipper, and, well, the game of Trivial Pursuit.
Rollerball endometrial ablation is so named because it uses a tiny instrument that resembles a paint roller to apply a high-frequency electrical current to the endometrium, or uterine lining.
O'Brien says the growing fungus feels like raw chicken skin and "looks similar to fibers on a paint roller.
20kg, acrylic putty filler, kg, mixture building with polyurethane solvent, paint roller, microfiber, with clasp, width 25cm
William brandished a paint roller and Harry helped to lay paving stones as they joined the team in Newton Heath, Manchester, to help create a new community that will house mostly ex-service personnel.
When stripping wallpaper, soak it first by using a paint roller.