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in a fastidious and painstaking manner


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A Mark 1 Vickers Supermarine Spitfire seen at IWM Duxford, once flown by a veteran of the Great Escape and painstakingly restored over five |years, is expected to fetch up to PS2.
According to eric160634, there were about 5 to 10 people working on this "project," and it took them the entire time he was around to painstakingly wrap all the desk components with wrapping paper.
Somerset artist Frank Grenier holds the famous Bayeux Tapestry painstakingly engraved in glass
Steve Brooks, left, bought the rare two-seater Vickers Supermarine MkIX Spitfire, which was painstakingly restored over a five-year period by Peter Tuplin
Mawer outlines Mendel's hybridization experiments, in which he painstakingly bred seven types of garden peas to determine which characteristics were inherited.
Part of the UNESCO World Heritage programme, a derelict principally fifteenth-century town house was painstakingly restored by the Danish Institute in Damascus after their acquisition of the house in 1997.
Full Circle is an inspirational memoir depicting a painstakingly true tale of a refugee seeking asylum a corrupt and indecent homeland, and is very highly recommended for all non-specialist general readers for its revealing content.
Recently, the artist has refined her technique to moderate this effect and now painstakingly arranges up to five different colors within each individual tin, making the representation of complex shapes that much more convincing.
The story then relates how the doctors and nurses painstakingly and meticulously, but ultimately unsuccessfully, struggled to save Jason's life.
A lively history ensues, pairing political decision processes with insights on the eventual war between the states, Slave Nation is a work of painstakingly thorough scholarship combined with a thoroughly "reader friendly" text that is completely accessible to the non-specialist general rader and a welcome, enthusiastically recommended addition to any personal, community, or school library American History collection or supplemental studies reading list.
In the three years on the committee, it has become painstakingly obvious that many new applicants have not had their proposals reviewed by seasoned research colleagues prior to submission.
A spokesperson for the Detroit Fire Fighters Association described what happened next: "Enduring excruciating heat and total blindness, Firefighter Norgren painstakingly hand searched the room while being beaten down by the deadly conditions, and near the end of his air supply, found an adult male who was pinned under a dresser.
Andy Kozar, an All-American fullback at Tennessee in 1952, has painstakingly compiled and annotated the General's fabulous notebooks.
Classic holes from the storied links of Scotland and Ireland and fabled venues across the United States have been painstakingly reproduced as part of "replica" courses.
The company's old facade as little more than a jumped-up loan sharking operation had been painstakingly scraped off, leaving instead a glitzy, well-oiled outfit that looks like it has a serious business plan.