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The Java objects provided with this package are easily called directly from our code and allow us to painlessly translate complex HIPAA documents into user-friendly XML in minutes.
Values, ethics, governance and even the truth can happen, painlessly.
INJECTIONS could soon be replaced by painlessly delivering drugs through a patch.
Reluctant to increase taxes or impose new fees on residents but unwilling to reduce the level of city services, the Santa Clarita City Council is looking to boost revenues painlessly by increasing sales tax receipts.
The majority of our customers do not have dedicated IT departments, so we try to manage the software upgrades and releases as painlessly as possible.
can be swallowed by a patient like a vitamin pill and is capable of transmitting images of the patient's body while traveling through the intestines, until it is excreted naturally and painlessly.
In cases in which the impacted cerumen produces otalgia, the ear canal can first be anesthetized with an injection of a local anesthetic and then painlessly removed in a surgical manner with the use of the operating microscope.
Palm's m100 does everything advertised and does it painlessly.
com), a free Web site designed to help you find out painlessly if the person you like returns the feeling.
Preliminary studies in mice, however, suggest that injectable liquid vaccines can be processed, dried to a powder, and painlessly pushed into the skin with a puff of helium gas from a pneumatic gun.
Glaxo Wellcome has teamed up with an Oxford company to develop its technique of painlessly administering vaccines usually given by injection.
They could remedy that ignorance quite painlessly by reading this book.
Ultimately, what this infrastructure means is that, wherever consumers are and whatever they are shopping for, they will be able to painlessly and affordably ask what amounts to a trusted, expert "friend" what to do.