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the quality of being painful

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This paper argues that representationalism does not have the resources to explain the most salient aspect of the phenomenal character of pain--it is bound to leave out the painfulness of pain or its negative affect.
It voiced in a statement much sadness and painfulness at the events which left at least 42 people killed and wounded scores of others.
It is even doubted whether any of the many diseases which afflict humanity, and are a source of dread, either because of their painfulness, their mortality, or the circumstances attending their advent progress, can equal this in the terror it inspires in the minds of those who are cognisant of its effects, or who chance to be exposed to the risk of its attack, as well as in the uniform fatality which terminates the distressing and hideous symptoms that characterise the disorder.
This regret is expressed in poetry, where Aeneas's human reality finds a voice--necessarily a voice of bereavement, emptiness, remorse, but at least it is something humanly tangible, charged with the painfulness of real loss.
The second of the four True Realities for the Spiritually Ennobled (ariya-saccas) is tanha--craving, or demanding desire--and this is seen as a key condition for the painfulness of human life: "Now this, monks, for the spiritually ennobled, is the originating-of-the-painful true reality.
The most mysterious aspect of consciousness concerns qualia--the redness of red, or the painfulness of pain.
This shows that expectations regarding the painfulness of medical treatments influence the intensity of pain that the treatment ultimately produces.
And the final item captured the painfulness of the situation.
Across cultures, the Hispanic community in the United States also shares poverty, the inability to get an education, "or we share the painfulness of trying to come and join our families, whether we're coming across the strait from Cuba on a boat or across a desert.
The physical pain was particularly linked to the girlfriends' medical abortion, and the young men felt as they were to blame for having contributed to its painfulness.
12) When we judge that something is beautiful, we thereby judge that everyone ought to make a similar judgment; we do not make a corresponding demand concerning painfulness.
First was the possibility of marital conflict due to the painfulness of intercourse for the woman and her possibly being unwilling to have sexual relations as a result.
Prevention: The goals of preventive therapy are to reduce the frequency, painfulness, and/or duration of migraines, and to increase the effectiveness of abortive therapy.
Missing her mum and feeling alone, she is overwhelmed by the painfulness of it all.
Prozanski says he does "get it," however - right down to the painfulness of such anniversary dates.