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the quality of being painful

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Correlations between colorectal cancer symptoms (pain complaints, pain character, pain localization, stool consistency, colour of stool, frequency of defecation, presence admixtures, type of admixture, painfulness and pathological resistance) and chosen clinicopathological parameters (age and sex of patients, tumor location, histological type of cancer, grade of histological malignancy (G), stage of tumor (T stage), presence of lymph node metastases and distant metastases) were tested with the use of Pearson's correlation test.
"Part of the painfulness of the movie for me is reflected in those reviews," Townsend said.
Hopcke (1999) addressed how, due to the repression of the painfulness of the related affect, complexes may be unconscious, but that they can also be made conscious so that they may be partially resolved.
Painfulness, Desire, and the Euthyphro Dilemma, MICHAEL S.
Fairy tales do not merely allow audiences to Escape the painfulness of the world, but to break free from the contingent concerns of their present lives to ponder timeless matters that should truly provoke concern: Justice, Fear-Conquering, Sacrifice, Power--the list is long.
Johnson in "Human Tragedy, Divine Comedy: The Painfulness of Conversion in Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited."
While this prolonged period of painfulness feels like it's lasted a lifetime; like form, it is temporary, subject to chance and able to revert to old ways.
On this account, it was hatred of pain (not the painfulness of injury) that was a given, and was what evolution made use of to get beings to more effectively stay away from things that could injure them.
These individuals will be prepared to keep pretty much all a throbbing painfulness that might help you exchange effectively furthermore proficiently.
The cost of buying drugs, the painfulness of withdrawal symptoms, and general negative effects on the user would likely cause him to halt use if he could.
Patients may have symptoms such as swelling, painfulness, tightness of jewelry like rings and bracelets or garments, tingling and fatigue.
In other words, there intuitively is an individuation of the phenomenal properties of our experiences, like the painfulness of our pains and the reddishness that our present perception of a red tomato shares with certain of our after-images and even with some of our phosphenes, as intrinsic, hence monadic aka non-relational, properties of our experiences, for no worldly properties in the last two cases contribute to the constitution of such phenomenal properties.
Indeed, he asserted that "[w]e are suffering, not from the rheumatics of old age, but from the growing-pains of over-rapid changes, for the painfulness of readjustment between one economic period and another." (46) As Craufurd Goodwin notes, "Keynes' question was about how to live a virtuous life when faced with abundance rather than scarcity." (47)