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When the exposed dentin comes into contact with something cold, hot or sweet, a painful sensation may occur.
Neuropathy is a frequent long-term complication of diabetes that can involve persistent painful sensation or loss of sensation, most commonly in the extremities.
As fearing you will be rubbish at something is a painful sensation, the surest way of making the pain vanish is by refusing to do the thing in question.
The acupressure contact points press into the skin causing a slightly painful sensation.
Patients with MS usually complain of visual loss (50 per cent of patients), painful sensation when moving their eyes, tingling, numbness, weakness, coordination problem and difficulty balancing, depending on which area of the brain is affected.
What we did not know was which cells and which molecules within those cells are responsible for the painful sensation we experience when we drink a carbonated soda," said Liman.
This condition is usually called policemen's heel, where the inflammation causes a severe, sharp and piercing painful sensation in your heel, which is usually felt with your very first steps in the morning and slowly lessens during the day.
The techniques most often employed involve physical relaxation coupled with imagery that provides a substitute focus of attention for the painful sensation.
Fabio Capello's men should replicate this painful sensation by grabbing the opposition taker's teats.
By focusing on one specific parameter--the painful sensation experienced by end-users--Skinasensyl reduces nerve oversensitivity to external stimuli by decreasing the amount of the pro-inflammatory neuro-mediator calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) that is produced by the body.
Companies like his have developed new technologies and designs that offer less painful sensation and have long-lasting hair-free results.
Sensation to light touch was present on the fingertip, and there were no areas of painful sensation to light touch or tapping.
WHAT nationality would you be if you were not Scottish Most Scottish men immediately say a Brazilian - the nationality not the painful sensation of a strip of adhesive ripping the hairs from your inside leg.
The right temporal lobe of the hollow sphere of his cranium came into contact with a solid timber angle where, an infinitesimal but sensible fraction of a second later, a painful sensation was located in consequence of anetcedent sensations transmitted and registered.
Chiweshe, who picked up the mbira as a teen-ager, says she began playing the instrument to quell a painful sensation that came from inside her.