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The techniques most often employed involve physical relaxation coupled with imagery that provides a substitute focus of attention for the painful sensation.
But in individuals with irritable bowel syndrome, that same distended balloon causes a painful sensation.
Fabio Capello's men should replicate this painful sensation by grabbing the opposition taker's teats.
The disease, for example, can lead to impaired vision and peripheral neuropathy--a tingling, often painful sensation in the hands and feet--and both those conditions can contribute to a higher rate of falls.
By focusing on one specific parameter--the painful sensation experienced by end-users--Skinasensyl reduces nerve oversensitivity to external stimuli by decreasing the amount of the pro-inflammatory neuro-mediator calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) that is produced by the body.
Companies like his have developed new technologies and designs that offer less painful sensation and have long-lasting hair-free results.
Sensation to light touch was present on the fingertip, and there were no areas of painful sensation to light touch or tapping.
It results when the cartilage between joints breaks down, causing bones to rub together, a painful sensation.
WHAT nationality would you be if you were not Scottish Most Scottish men immediately say a Brazilian - the nationality not the painful sensation of a strip of adhesive ripping the hairs from your inside leg.
The right temporal lobe of the hollow sphere of his cranium came into contact with a solid timber angle where, an infinitesimal but sensible fraction of a second later, a painful sensation was located in consequence of anetcedent sensations transmitted and registered.
Chiweshe, who picked up the mbira as a teen-ager, says she began playing the instrument to quell a painful sensation that came from inside her.
Two or three times a week she also experienced a painful sensation of some snakelike entity working its way into her abdomen.
The Birmingham Post, June 1952100 Years Ago A painful sensation was caused in the Lyng Primitive Methodist Chapel, West Bromwich, yesterday morning, owing to the sudden death of the Rev Robert Jones, the superintendent minister of N1 West Bromwich Circuit, during the service.
A report at the recent meeting of the American College of Gastroenterology suggests that some forms of asthma may be related to heartburn, that painful sensation beneath the lower breastbone that actually has nothing to do with the heart.
A study showed when hover toilet rather sit on retain more Symptoms can include the need to wee frequently and a burning, painful sensation when you go.