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Synonyms for pain-free

not accompanied by pain sensations


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Of the 80 patients treated, 81 percent were pain-free one year after a single 10-minute treatment session.
Of 80 patients treated, 81% were pain-free for a year after a single session while six required a second session.
Pain-Free Joints offers hope for more than just pain management.
Denver Chiropractic Center provides fast pain relief for a pain-free active lifestyle.
Paul Woodward, chief executive at Sue Ryder, said: "Everyone deserves a pain-free death in the place of their choosing.
The researchers found that 78 percent of the patients who received oxygen reported being pain-free or to have adequate relief within 15 minutes of treatment, compared to 20 percent of patients who received air.
Feeling apprehensive, I went along to give it a try on my underarms to see if it really was as pain-free as they claim and if it really did work.
Start haloperidol, maintain fentanyl dose if patient is pain-free
The survey, sponsored by HealthSure, found that although treatment today is pain-free, one in five people across the country who don't visit the dentist regularly are simply "too scared".
That day is going to be when he gets on the mound here and the ball is coming out of his hand the way it can and he has his stamina and he's pain-free.
presents Trigger Point Self-Care Manual For Pain-Free Movement, a guide to self-care practices for promoting a healthier and happier life.
Powerful, Pain-Free Performance: Smaller Piano Keyboards Lora Deahl, Carol Leone, Pamela Mia Paul, Brenda Wristen
You can return to running once you are pain-free, have full range of motion, and normal strength and balance in your ankle.
A metaanalysis of eight randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trials found a significant difference in the increase in pain-free walking distance, the primary efficacy criterion in four of the trials.
This package is quick and easy to install, and it's inexpensive, so if you're looking for a pain-free way to spy on employees or loved ones (or are looking for greater computer security), then Spector might be a good place to start.