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a unit measuring the intensity of pain

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As a part of the inauguration for the newly established Chest Pain Unit (CPU), IMH organised a health awareness campaign for the public and a free health assessment and advice on July 16, 2011.
These studies demonstrated improved discrimination of MI events with the more sensitive assays, particularly in the early hours after symptom onset, in populations selected according to the probability of myocardial ischemia for evaluation in specialized chest pain units.
Experience with chest pain units and accelerated diagnostic protocols have provided effective evidence-based strategies for triaging these patients.
When the UCLA Pain Unit closed in 1980, I continued my exploration of the literature and gradually introduced what I had learned into my medical practice.
Franco Mongini of the headache and pain unit at the university.
In the case of spinal pain, marked saving was shown for outpatient pain unit compared with surgical management.
Nurse Kathryn Burke, from Coulby Newham, also understands the benefits of the pain unit.
Contract notice: Procurement for pain unit for osi-sestao barakaldo.
Between January and June 2008, patients, who attended our interventional musculoskeletal pain unit for an epidural steroid injection to the corresponding LDH level and who were fulfilling the following inclusion criteria, were examined for a possible pain generator originating from the SIJ: 1.
The center provides a full-range of medical and surgical services, including cardiac rehabilitation, a chest pain unit, inpatient adult and geriatric psychiatric services, a blood bank, diabetic treatment and education center, and a retail health education and wellness center.
The qualitative tests of both troponin T and troponin I may be of particular use in the ER or chest pain unit when given serially, for example at presentation and 6 hours later.
Contract notice: Framework agreement for the acquisition of transcutaneous stimulators, electrodes and radio frequency equipment and iontophoresis for pain unit of osi barrualde galdakao.
Even with a well-conceived chest pain unit protocol approach, as many as 4% to 14% of patients with negative studies go on to have a serious cardiac event (4, 5).