pain threshold

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the lowest intensity of stimulation at which pain is experienced

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Therefore, evoked pain is being measured throughout the trial via an instrument that was designed and validated by Cypress -- the Automated Pain Threshold Tester (APT2).
He said: "It does appear redheads have a significantly increased pain threshold.
There must be better things to do than challenge your pain threshold to the point that body parts are on the verge of mutiny.
When a person experiences chronic pain as a result of some sort of inflammation - as in arthritis - their pain threshold goes down very dramatically.
Endorphins are produced, so initially we might feel great - not always - but pain generally returns in 2-3 days, as the pain threshold is lowered.
He's credited with a very high pain threshold that has helped him stay champion jockey for 19 years so far on the trot.
The aim of the project is to let the pain threshold values ?
It was hypothesized that acceptance of thoughts and mindfulness awareness of breathing rationales would result in significantly higher pain tolerance and pain threshold on a cold pressor task than spontaneous coping.
Due to these characteristics, we decided to study the effect of Gallic acid on the amount of memory used and pain threshold in animal diabetic rats.
Two analgesic activity studies in healthy subjects have shown a significant increase in pain threshold force and pain tolerance time.
The technique involves a topical anaesthetic to numb the area and, although clients may feel a little discomfort depending on their pain threshold, it's not classed as painful.
It has been suggested that heightened sensitivity to pain, also known as a low pain threshold, could be caused by dysfunction of peripheral or central pain processing, or dysfunction of opioid-mediated endogenous pain inhibitory systems.
The cost of oil production is rising and the pain threshold is getting higher.
We're hoping over the next 48 hours that it can calm down enough on his pain threshold for him to play through it.