pain threshold

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the lowest intensity of stimulation at which pain is experienced

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Pain threshold after wet cupping therapy was significantly higher in the TG (22.
In this study, we aimed to investigate the association of two common HTR2A gene polymorphisms, rs6313 (102 T/C) and rs6311 (1438 A/G), with CLBP and the pain threshold, disability, and sex differences.
Intrarater reliability of pain intensity, tissue blood flow, thermal pain threshold, pressure pain threshold and lumbo-pelvic stability tests in subjects with low back pain.
Pain Threshold Pain threshold was the length of time until a participant indicated verbally that he or she was experiencing discomfort, measured in seconds with a digital stopwatch.
Morley et al demonstrated a lowered pain threshold in human rendered acutely hyperglycemic by glucose injection but could not demonstrate a significant change in pain threshold of diabetic patients.
Evaluation of pain threshold latency time when the animal flicks its tail off the heat center ([less than or equal to] P0.
I mean, my pain threshold wouldn't be as much as women because they can have babies.
The technique involves a topical anaesthetic to numb the area and, although clients may feel a little discomfort depending on their pain threshold, it's not classed as painful.
My nightmare has apparently been realized, because now you can watch all of it at once, thanks to the patient individual with a high pain threshold who put together Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm Insult Supercut.
It has been suggested that heightened sensitivity to pain, also known as a low pain threshold, could be caused by dysfunction of peripheral or central pain processing, or dysfunction of opioid-mediated endogenous pain inhibitory systems.
Summary: FRANKFURT -- Inflation in Germany, Europe's biggest economy, slowed slightly in September, according to official data published on Wednesday, but remained at the European Central Bank's pain threshold.
For these subjects, the mean for heat pain threshold in the burned limb was 37.
Coach Steve Brown says Danielle has three winning assets: a high pain threshold, "mind-numbing" consistency, and--most important she hates to lose.