pain in the neck

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a bothersome annoying person

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Individuals suffering from these symptoms are often viewed as a pain in the neck by physicians, who shuttle them from specialist to specialist and misdiagnose their underlying problem for years, says Stanley Lesse of the Neurological Institute of New York.
A pain in the neck is a common adage for a good reason -- it is a widespread, annoying, aggravating and disabling problem affecting up to 70 percent of the population annually," explains Dr.
HOUSTON, July 25, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Pain in the neck and back can be caused by a wide range of issues that range from chronic or long-term health issues to car accidents and more.
As a result, pressure is placed on the nerve root or the spinal cord and causes pain in the neck, shoulders, arms and sometimes the hands.
Surgical treatment options are available that may drastically reduce or even entirely alleviate pain in the neck and back.