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Synonyms for pailful

the quantity contained in a pail


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As he could not lift the whole pailful of water at once, he fetched a milk jug, and ladled quarts of water into the pail by degrees.
He ran round behind the house, intending to undo the rope in order to let fall the pailful of water upon Tommy Brock--
Rain is descending in pailfuls, and it is such a soaking kind of rain that--that you might catch cold from it, my darling, and the chill might go to your heart.
You drag me out of bed at some awful hour of the morning when a rational person would just be turning in; you send me across country to fetch pailfuls of water when I'm feeling like a corpse; and on top of that you expect me to behave like a drum-major
The minute I've taken you home, I'll pour a couple of pailfuls of water over my head in the gutter here, and then I shall be all right.
Collins too, but he at least puts some thought into his delicate compliments, and discriminates among those he flatters, whereas Nancy and Lucy splatter theirs out by the pailful, to all and sundry, and are at no pains to adapt the flattery to the flatteree.
The cooked clams, about one pailful at a time, are lifted onto a sieve hung between trees.
But they waited till the officers got boozy; then they went in at the windows and drew a pailful, and brought it out and we filled our canteens, and then they went in and drew another.