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a vacation from work by an employee with pay granted

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According to a study by Project: Time Off, in 2015 over half of working Americans with paid vacation did not use it all.
Her supervisor told McKinney she would not approve the vacation because McKinney did not have paid vacation time to use, according to the lawsuit.
Opponents said that cost could ultimately trickle down to workers, leading to fewer jobs and less paid vacation time.
According to Castro, under the law, public school teachers are on a 'teachers' leave basis' where they are given a proportional vacation pay (PVP) or a paid vacation for almost two months.
During his election campaign, Moon pledged to make it mandatory for workers to use all of their paid vacation days, saying people using leave will not only increase individual productivity but also boost the economy and create jobs.
Eugene city councilors have rewarded City Manager Jon Ruiz with two extra weeks of paid vacation this year after another strong performance evaluation.
After a year on the job, a worker in Germany would expect to have a minimum of 20 days paid vacation, though most of the time, it would be 25 days or more.
Also, a worker must have an annual paid vacation not less than 30 days for the first year after serving six months, at least, except for weekends, official holidays and sick leave.
Following the negotiations with workers, the company paid salaries for April to the workers and granted workers paid vacation until the end of May.
It also found that Latino workers are 11 percent less likely than white people to have access to paid sick days, and 12 percent less likely to have paid vacation. Further, Black workers are 7 percent less likely than white workers to have access to flexible work hours.
Yet the heads of these organizations claim they do not have the authority to fire these people, so they only suspend them for a short period of time with pay--essentially a paid vacation.
"Well, 1 only have a week paid vacation time each year and I'd like to hold off until the weather gets cooler," he said.
Passed by the House Oversight and Government Reform committee, the bill would start veterans out with 104 paid vacation hours to make up for the accelerated rate of sick leave they use to receive treatment for service-incurred disabilities, when compared with non-veteran federal employees.
In some cases, Herrick says, an employer might cope with need to add paid sick days by subtracting paid vacation days.
The report specifically gathered information on average wages by position, payroll expense structures, use of bonuses, insurance and retirement benefits, paid vacation and days off and employee training allocations.