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freely flowing lava

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Mark prepares their lunches on a table-like Pahoehoe rock: packets of tuna fish, pita bread, and a chunk each of Velveeta cheese.
The list runs from aboideau to zoonomia, and includes terms such as azotemia, banlieue, etouffee, ibogaine, mazaedia, oceanaut, pahoehoe, retiarii, thiourea and uxorious.
Pahoehoe lava (pah-hoh-ee-hoh-ee lava) flows look like shiny ribbons of cake batter.
From the chopper, Edmonds treks over the sugar-textured pahoehoe (pah-hoy-hoy) lava.
The path to a detoxifying Pahoehoe Wrap with volcanic mud is only an elevator ride away.
Back up above-ground, trek across the surreal terrain that resembles a moon crater and examine the different types of Hawaiian lava: pahoehoe, which has a smooth and ropey surface, and a'a, which resembles stirred up brownies.
Or the area of Alanui Kahiko, where the two major types of lava - the smooth and shiny pahoehoe and the crumbly aa - appear as frozen cascades on the side of a steep pali.
Oma'o were most often observed on pahoehoe, or smooth rope-like lava, as opposed to 'a'a that consists of brittle and sharp chunks of lava.
Small structures in this member include pinch and swell of flows, pahoehoe lava tongues, injections of narrow dykes and sills, erosional unconformities, rubble tops and glassy contacts, gaseous pipe vesicles, lava tubes and caves, and tumulus structures.
High temperature pahoehoe flows near vents have smooth "ropey" surfaces (Williams and McBirney, 1979, pp.