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freely flowing lava

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Mark prepares their lunches on a table-like Pahoehoe rock: packets of tuna fish, pita bread, and a chunk each of Velveeta cheese.
The quarry operators at Wagholi have sought to exploit the aa sill as intensively as possible while not wasting money and time on the underlying pahoehoe unit.
Pahoehoe lava (pah-hoh-ee-hoh-ee lava) flows look like shiny ribbons of cake batter.
From the chopper, Edmonds treks over the sugar-textured pahoehoe (pah-hoy-hoy) lava.
The path to a detoxifying Pahoehoe Wrap with volcanic mud is only an elevator ride away.
There are two types of lava in the monument aa (pronounced "ahah") and pahoehoe ("pah-hoy-hoy"), which means ropey One explorer interpreted these Hawaiian terms in another way by saying they mean unfriendly and friendly, respectively.
Formed some 230,000 years ago by flows of pahoehoe lava, Kalaupapa means "flat leaf": The peninsula sticks out like a tongue from the near-perpendicular slopes.
Back up above-ground, trek across the surreal terrain that resembles a moon crater and examine the different types of Hawaiian lava: pahoehoe, which has a smooth and ropey surface, and a'a, which resembles stirred up brownies.
Or the area of Alanui Kahiko, where the two major types of lava - the smooth and shiny pahoehoe and the crumbly aa - appear as frozen cascades on the side of a steep pali.
Take, for example, the two most common types of basaltic lava flows: pahoehoe and a'a, which are Hawaiian words.
To allow a meaningful comparison between Thurston and other sites, we estimated the P content of 12 cm of the underlying pahoehoe parent material at Thurston, and added it to the primary [P.
El 11 de enero del 2012, al muestrear la fumarola Arbol Quemado, se observo un extraordinario flujo de azufre activo tipo pahoehoe, con levees y lobulos (fig.
Small structures in this member include pinch and swell of flows, pahoehoe lava tongues, injections of narrow dykes and sills, erosional unconformities, rubble tops and glassy contacts, gaseous pipe vesicles, lava tubes and caves, and tumulus structures.
Approximately 60m thick flow I is of compound pahoehoe type and highly weathered, exhibiting fragmentary tops at some places.