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an Asian temple

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With delicious and satisfying items like Vegetable Teriyaki Rice Pot, Thai Chicken Noodle Pot and Shrimp Spring Rolls, Pagoda has created selections often found on menus in the finest Pan Asian restaurants.
Young members of the Chinese Youth Orchestra arrive at the Pagoda Centre
The Dhamma Talaka Peace Pagoda is a holy Buddhist landmark and is known to many as the Peace Pagoda (Dhamma Talaka roughly translated means reservoir of truth).
The tomb of Ms Suu Kyi's mother is located at the foot of the Shwedagon pagoda.
SEAT STUNNER: Pictured at the vandalised pagoda are Friends of Zetland Park Group who try to improve the park and it's facilities Picture by Michelle Maddison
After a long appeal, they have won the right to watch the tournament - but have been told showing any emotion during matches could lead to them being thrown out of their pagodas.
But the state-run papers did place blame for the blaze on negligent shop owners near the pagoda, which is about 170 kilometers northeast of Yangon.
Workmen have already begun to gut the Pagoda building, which will be reduced to a shell before it is reconstructed as the precinct's management suite.
The Dhamma-Talaka Pagoda is the realisation of an eight-year dream for traditional Buddhists in Birmingham.
The Upper Chinese Pagoda is one of the original decorative features still at the site since the 1984 International Garden Festival.
The selection of Beijing as the site for TechCrunch's first ever international Disrupt conference shows that Beijing indeed is becoming as important in the tech world as Silicon Valley and New York City," says Andy Mok, Managing Director at Red Pagoda Resources.
Luxury travelers then continue biking to Tay Phuong Pagoda where the unique collection of Buddhist statues have remained intact since the 17th century.
On the Cambodian-Thai border near the World Heritage Preah Vihear temple, a flashpoint between Thailand and Cambodia for more than two years, the situation has heated up again with Thailand planning a military exercise near the area and claiming a Cambodian flag and pagoda in the area are on disputed land.
IF THERE was ever a time for putting the future of the Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra under threat, this is not it.
The Ladybirds Nursery at Berry Brow welcomed big Eorl down to open the new pagoda in their outside toddler play area.