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calling out the name of a person (especially by a loudspeaker system)

the system of numbering pages

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The frequencies acquired in this agreement, permitting coverage as far south as Virginia and as far north as southern Maine and New Hampshire, will strengthen our position in the northeast United States, where we are already the largest paging provider," said Terry L.
Commenting on the new licenses, Mike Batis, Teletouch's Director of Engineering, said, "The FCC auction was our first opportunity to acquire new paging frequencies in over four years.
controller works with either one-way or two-way paging systems.
Participants in the Paging Leadership Association Industry Performance Report were ten of the nation's largest paging carriers, eight of which are publicly held.
Jeff Dryjanski, Vice President & General Manager of Motorola's APPND said, "With the latest state-of-the art Wireless Messaging System, Motorola has set a new benchmark for a high-speed, high capacity and feature-rich platform for the paging industry.
It also extends to the major cities in the seven provinces including Henan, Ningxia, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Guangxi, Yunnan, and Sichuan provinces to provide FLEX(tm) high-speed paging and multi-frequency roaming to over 10 million subscribers in the country.
In addition, we are glad to work with Motorola to bring in the latest paging technology to the country," said Mr.
Subscribers have the ability to configure their own paging options via the Web including specific "rules" to control delivery.
Express Telecommunications Company is a newly established regional paging carrier serving the central part of Taiwan, formed by major local cable television operators.
We congratulate China Telecom's launch of its 198,199 Nation Wide Paging Network.
Motorola is pleased to have been chosen to introduce advanced voice paging to South America," said Larry Conlee, Vice President and General Manager, Americas Paging Systems Division, Motorola.
M15 Series paging terminals have been installed in paging networks across Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and North America.
With Motorola's infrastructure, CVA will be able to offer high quality, reliable paging service to Brazilians in metropolitan areas as well as small cities," stated Guilherme Villares, Vice President, CVA.
Jordan Radio Paging has been providing numeric and alphanumeric public paging services under the POCSAG standard since 1989 and expects rapid growth to over 100,000 paging subscribers in the next 12 months.
Enhanced Processing Capacity Will Enable Paging Carriers to