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the system of numbering pages

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Its Extended Publishing Family of Products for the 21st Century (XP-21), has an open systems architecture that permits integration of editorial functions, classified and display advertising, news and classified pagination, photo enhancement, and graphics management capabilities, into comprehensive publishing solutions.
Editor of Future Music, Andy Jones, says: "An increase in pagination is fantastic news for us.
As expected in a collection of this nature, the work suffers from some repetitions (the recurring sketch of Maffei, for example) and from some technical remisses (references to pagination of volumes where the articles were first published).
Harris' expertise in pagination systems, graphics management, and systems integration will be combined with VU/TEXT's expertise in text library systems to define product concepts, develop prototypes, and field test software modules for the electronic distribution of newspaper multi-media information.
Integrators and ISVs are using Adobe's flexible page layout and copy-editing software as an integral part of their overall editorial, advertising, and pagination solutions to help newspapers streamline publishing.
The eleven articles of this collection, previously published between 1982-1995, are reproduced in their original format, with the original notes and pagination.
PC Answers magazine is celebrating its 100th issue with a one-off increase in pagination.
The rush with which these books are being illegally printed and pushed into the markets are causing a lot of textual errors, including wrong pagination, that are causing a lot of confusion among the students.
Original pagination is retained along with this book's pagination.
Le ministre des Affaires religieuses et des Waqfs, Bouabdallah Ghlamallah, a affirme, hier mercredi, que le nombre de copies du Saint Coran comportant des erreurs de pagination est de quelque 500 exemplaires sur les 10.
He added: "I will be able to tell Assembly members how we have invested in increased pagination and editionising to support the continuing development of the Daily Post Wales, one of the most successful regional newspapers in the United Kingdom.
In case of Google Docs, this new option of pagination allows one to view the page breaks in a documents and printing has been made easier.
Fixing pagination or managing web conferences is one thing, but spending two hours of the day transferring the boss's Excel database onto his other PDA is another matter.
One can hardly imagine the amount of media scorn that would befall a Republican legislator who proposed a minimalist limit to textbook pagination.
In addition, pagination and other valuable organization options are included, allowing the resulting report book to be viewed by end users using FRx DrillDown Viewer[TM], saving users time and improving their individual effectiveness by not requiring them to open up multiple applications to view the report book contents.