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the system of numbering pages

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Solihull-based Kingsbury Pagination has struck the deal with specialist lender and savings bank Aldermore.
Students reading pirated English textbooks could be completely baffled because of the wrong pagination.
The newspaper anticipates cost savings through ad page production automation with ppi's AdPag pagination and ProPag page assembly.
Pages are digitized sequentially according to pagination that has been constructed to follow chronology, a process that will make the digital version easier to read than the manuscript.
The various "flavors" of TIF used in the computer software industry mean that TIF viewers do not accurately see all file elements -- for example, multi-page TIF files with pagination or files with complex color renderings.
These costs include pagination fees, manuscript reviewer fees, subscription costs, and mandatory membership if an association is in part sponsoring the journal.
Just as word processing software running on PCs put an end to dedicated word processing systems, so will micro-based layout and pagination programs eliminate the need for expensive electronic publishing systems," he said.
During its lean years -- and ones not so lean -- the paper in question had ignored first pagination and then computer-to-plate -- deadly mistakes.
One final proposal -- it seems strange to retain the original pagination of the articles as the sole pagination of the book.
As for the real-time formatting and pagination, this is the feature guaranteed to make any writer accustomed to word processor routines drool with excitement.
West's proprietary claim over the so-called star pagination system--a citation system developed by West and used by courts and lawyers to cite to federal case law--was the sticking point.
This Proposed Final Judgment also forced West into licensing "the use of star pagination in the National Reporter System to any legal publisher desiring such a license, notwithstanding West's copyright claim to star pagination.
A variety of DTP tools such as movable on-screen rulers for precise placement of text and graphics, background grids, pagination and clip art can dramatically improve the quality of your documents.
The bibliographical description of a book expressed in a formula in which information about size, signatures, and pagination is represented by symbols.
Since 1999, InformationPages has provided Yellow Pages publishers award-winning automated pagination tools that, in addition to standard list-view results, replicate the "Look & Feel" of print directories online.