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Synonyms for pagan

Synonyms for pagan

a person who does not acknowledge your god

a person who follows a polytheistic or pre-Christian religion (not a Christian or Muslim or Jew)

someone motivated by desires for sensual pleasures

not acknowledging the God of Christianity and Judaism and Islam

References in classic literature ?
There is still other Anglo-Saxon Christian poetry, generally akin in subjects to Cynewulf's, but in most of the poetry of the whole period the excellence results chiefly from the survival of the old pagan spirit which distinguishes 'Beowulf'.
"Thou needst not doubt it, Sancho," replied Don Quixote, "for in the same manner, and by the same steps as I have described here, knights-errant rise and have risen to be kings and emperors; all we want now is to find out what king, Christian or pagan, is at war and has a beautiful daughter; but there will be time enough to think of that, for, as I have told thee, fame must be won in other quarters before repairing to the court.
The said ranch is located at corner Davao-Bukidnon Highway and Sitio Pagan Drier.
"Not bad going for a few young lads from the West Midlands releasing their second tune is it?" And the band could not have received higher praise from the Madchester movement icon, with Ryder adding: "It was a pleasure to appear in the new video for Pagan Pilgrimage, filmed in my hometown of Salford.
As stated in the front matter, this series "aims to introduce the outstanding authors and thinkers of antiquity to a wide audience of appreciative modern readers, whether undergraduate students of classics, literature, philosophy and ancient history or generalists interested in the classical world." In this short book (less than 160 pages of actual text), Pagan describes succinctly the social and political context of Tacitus; his writing style and use of literary allusions; scholarship (in overview), and his classical, early modern and modern reception--while providing abundant English translations of excerpts from all his works.
For the past hour, Pagan, conservationist and duck habitat expert, has been holding court about his career in the business and the stories and details have flowed out of him with ease.
109 and considers how original sin affects pagan virtue.
Workshops were free throughout the day, and different instructors demonstrated fortune telling, advised how to meet a spirit guide, and taught pagan songs and chants.
Responding to Pagan's behavior, an officer held his collar and pushed him away from the horse.
I often begin a prayer, "As you lead us from ashes to ashes, through stardust to stardust." Is this divine address pagan, post-pagan or pagan-plus?
Synopsis: What does it mean to live as a Pagan in this uncertain world of climate change, economic hardship and worldwide social injustice?
The early church was not powerful enough to foist Christianity onto all pagans. Of course there are some people who will follow any new or fashionable thing.
The first two-thirds of this book are plodding and all about Pagan and her inner issues.
Ni has developed and describes a reading strategy she calls "pagan criticism," which reconciles the two.
Majak De Got and Mama Rebecca Nyadeng De mabior are now not part of the group headed by Pagan under SPLMA party, they needs some mature agreements within the group and of that of the Government but unfortunately nothing work out in the process.