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Synonyms for paeony

any of numerous plants widely cultivated for their showy single or double red or pink or white flowers


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There are beautiful white roses of rugosa alba, lemony tree paeony blooms, soft pink flowers of rhodo Bowbells and Michael Tovey's own winners, the gorgeous spread of elegant creamy water hawthorn flowers spreading en masse across their perfect pool.
99 Lavender Dwarf Munstead/ Lavatera Pastel Mixed/ Cornflower Double Mixed/ Iceland Poppies Meadow Pastels Mixed/ Everlasting Flowers Mixed/ Gypsophila Covent Garden White /Helichrysum Tall Double Mixed/ Larkspur Giant Imperial Mixed/ Poppy Paeony Flowered Mixed.
Lavender Dwarf Munstead; Lavatera Pastel Mixed; Cornflower Double Mixed; Iceland Poppies Meadow Pastels Mixed; Everlasting Flowers Mixed; Gypsophila Covent Garden White; Helichrysum Tall Double Mixed; Larkspur Giant Imperial Mixed; Poppy Paeony Flowered Mixed.
Tahiti'), part of an exotic group of paeony - shaped narcissus, with sharp yellow overlapping petals and a bright orange centre.
If you do this kind of thing to a paeony, it suffers trauma, a bit like an accident victim.
Total glucosides of paeony inhibits Thl/Thl7 cells via decreasing dendritic cells activation in rheumatoid arthritis.
OFFER 5: Double Flowered Paeony x 3 - red, pink and white (RRP pounds 13.
Lavender Dwarf Munstead, Lavatera Pastel Mixed, Cornflower Double Mixed, Iceland Poppies Meadow Pastels Mixed, Everlasting Flowers Mixed, Gypsophila Covent Garden White, Helichrysum Tall Double Mixed, Larkspur Giant Imperial Mixed, Poppy Paeony Flowered Mixed.
Black Paeony is another tall variety that needs a little support to prevent its deep red (almost black) double flowers from flopping over.
50, you can buy seed of the beautiful Chinese paeony mlokesewitchi - also known as Mollie the Witch.
Papaver paeoniflorum Summer Fruits (above left) was an exclusive introduction from Thompson & Morgan last year and produces large, paeony flowered heads with colours ranging from white to deep red.
Research progress of total glucoside of paeony in rheumatic disease.
There's a European Paeony (Paeonia officinalis) with deep red flowers.
Also in the collection is this stunning paeony (above) said to be the world's first triple layered variety a sort of double with attitude.
Total paeony glucosides (TPG) extracted from the roots of Radix Paeoniae Rubrae, have been approved for the therapy of rheumatoid arthritis by the State Food and Drug Administration.