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Synonyms for paedophile

an adult who is sexually attracted to children

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When we approach a paedophile, we are calm and professional and we find they don't react aggressively.
The Pontypridd singer is now surrounded by child abusers and paedophiles after HMP Rye Hill was made a sex offenders-only prison last year.
Even Eddie, the paedophile interviewed on screen, said this widespread assumption was enough to convince him he would one day abuse children - even though he was horrified by the thought.
We told how boys care were taken be abused at a paedophile brothel at the Elm Guest House in south-west London.
MORE than 700 paedophiles have been unmasked using powers under Sarah's Law since it was rolled out nationwide.
Cooke, 85 - dubbed Britain's most notorious paedophile after he tortured and killed 14-year-old Jason Swift in 1985 - would pick the unsuspecting teenage boys up off the streets around Kings Cross.
FAMILIES will be given information about paedophiles who may pose a specific threat to their children, under plans unveiled by the Government yesterday.
Campaigning mother Sara Payne has welcomed reports that the Government is to give parents, guardians and carers some access to details about convicted paedophiles.
Plans for a British 'Megan's Law' to deal with paedophiles have been significantly scaled back, it emerged yesterday.
Paedophile castration or chemical therapy, if carried out routinely, would calm fears and end the shocking sight of mob-handed residents bullying hostel inmates or paedophiles, living quietly.
A paedophile is a person over the age of 16 who is sexually attracted to children who have not yet reached puberty--in other words, to young children.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-12 March 2004-Danish justice minister wants to ban paedophile association(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
During the same month, a 14-year-old girl told how paedophile Douglas Lindsell tried to groom her on the Internet by telling her he had cancer.
A UNIQUE computer database to help police trace paedophile victims and catch their abusers is to be launched today.
WALES is home to more than 5,000 paedophiles, according to the former head of the UK's largest paedophile unit.