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Synonyms for paederast

a man who has sex (usually sodomy) with a boy as the passive partner

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Quite apart from its long and dishonourable tradition as the country's biggest private landlord (slum properties at extortionate rents a speciality), of investing in firms that make arms, and of offering a home to misogynists, alcoholics and bigots, it's also been an arse magnet for paederasts for centuries.
He described himself as a Paederast - a homosexual man who enjoys sex with children.
The earlier dictionaries have paederast but the noun choirboys, orphans and others would have been better alerted to the risks from some priests, choirmasters, and predatory perverts is the word sodomite; they would have spent more time on the Bible than on Greek.
soon started singing solo parts, attracting paederasts from miles
Such a home might be the sort of institution run by paederasts, on which the bureaucrats turn a blind eye for decades; but even in the gobbledygook there was no mention in 1965 of killing off the elderly.