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a large wheel fitted with paddles and driven by an engine in order to propel a boat

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Pons, Synthesis, crystal structure and magnetic properties of a Cu(II) paddle-wheel complex with mixed bridges, Inorg.
If you'd prefer to learn about the area off land, walk down to Gateway Arch Riverboats and hop aboard a replica of a 19th century paddle-wheel boat for a narrated tour down the Mississippi River.
One of the items I purchased looked like a lost paddle-wheel from a steamboat, complete with a patent date of 1873 stenciled on the side.
Answers to the trivia questions on page 30: 1) They were converted paddle-wheel steamers, used in WWII on the Great Lakes to practice carrier landings.
Two of these became the training ships Wolverine (IX-64) and Sable (IX-81), the only paddle-wheel, coal-fired, steam-driven aircraft carriers in history.
In 1859, the American Fur Company embarked on what was then the longest paddle-wheel steamboat expedition in North American history: 6,200 miles round trip on the Missouri River from St.
It s often possible to pick up as much as 1 mph with optimum trim, and GPS--with its one-tenth-of-a-mile-per-hour increments--allows you to see variations in speed that inexact and inaccurate paddle-wheel and pitot-tube speedometers don't.
with a sail reflecting a paddle-wheel steamer entering
All major attractions including Harrah's Casino, the Audubon Zoo, Aquarium and IMAX Theatre, Mardi Gras World, Cafe Du Monde, paddle-wheel cruises on the Mississippi River, carriage rides through the French Quarter, swamp tours, specialty tours and nightclubs and music venues are open.
New Move-It conveyors in standard and custom sizes come in under-the-press and inclined versions and paddle-wheel parts separators.
Four further inputs provide measurement interfaces suitable for the electrical system's battery voltage level, and the pulse-train outputs of two paddle-wheel fuel flow sensors, and speed transducer or tachometer.
Over three floors, there are models of his machines for transport - including a wooden and canvas helicopter - a paddle-wheel ship, a wooden version of his cycle and self-propelled wagon cart.
"It's a beautiful big paddle-wheel steamboat, called the Moonlight Queen, up here in the woods about five or six miles from the river."
Burkert Fluid Control Systems is offering its versatile new Type 8034 paddle-wheel flow-rate indicator as the modern replacement for outdated rotameters.
The small paddle-wheel passenger boat delivered guests and lakeside residents.