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shaped in the form of a paddle

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The Santo Antonio de Patrulha sample has a more rounded proximal tip and narrower midlength and distal apex, whereas our sample has a very pronounced paddle-shaped proximal tip and a slight constriction in the midlength.
With a flat, paddle-shaped tail that serves the dual purpose of acting as a redder in the water and aiding in balance on shore, the beaver is well equipped to survive in an aquatic environment.
Among the first marchers were nearly 250 teenagers carrying replicas of native, paddle-shaped nopal cacti on their heads.
But instead of microwaves, a rapidly changing magnetic field is generated by the paddle-shaped "wand".
Adidas created the redesigned ball with its swirl and paddle-shaped sections for the 2006 World Cup.
A little later in the season, one can find persistent greens like tangy sorrel; spicy cress; Asiatic dayflower; and succulent, paddle-shaped purslane growing in lawns not laced with pesticides through the summer.
The paddle-shaped line offers an ample grating and shaving surface to work with a number of foods, and the ergonomic handle is in charcoal black with metal accents.
Those who grow up in Southern California tend to see birds of paradise as unruly clumps of paddle-shaped leaves with gaudy and scentless blooms.
The wide, paddle-shaped hammer spur allowed the gun to be easily thumb-cocked against a pretty serious mainspring tension.
The black and white checkers on the engine cowling accentuated the huge two-bladed, paddle-shaped prop mounted on the business end of the powerful 360-horsepower, M-14p Vedneyev, radial engine.
This allows the operator to use a long, paddle-shaped device to agitate the contents, mixing the floaters and grease with the solids in the bottom.
They are also easily identifiable in flight with their paddle-shaped wings.
Their weird and distinctly whiffy flowers are followed by vast clumps of bright paddle-shaped leaves that seem to belong by some tropical lakeside rather than a drizzly Scottish garden.
The central shaft is fitted with paddle-shaped mixing elements that rotate close to the inner vessel wall, high speed rotation of the paddles and the conical shape of the vessel combine to force product from the base of the vessel to the top.
Since blood cells are spherical, we had to adapt the cell sorter for domestic animal sperm, which generally have paddle-shaped heads and long tails.