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a large wheel fitted with paddles and driven by an engine in order to propel a boat

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The lower level of his controversial 75-foot, 59-ton paddle wheel boat arrived at the Indian Ranch campground and concert venue on 200 Gore Road just before 12:30 a.
Paddlewheels: The rotating paddle wheel of a paddle wheel aerator splashes water into the air to affect aeration.
Limited passenger service was offered for another year or two, but in general the sound of the steamboat whistle and the churning of the turbulent water over the paddle wheels faded away from the once-bustling Wenatchee river port.
Professor Chris Michael on board his boat, Marlin, in Liverpool Marina; The ill-fated Lelia and one of her paddle wheels on the sea bed
Then its engine failed and the paddle wheels went dead in the water.
The Great Western had a 236ft long wooden hull and paddle wheels and crossed the Atlantic in sixteen days.
Six columns resemble smokestacks on a riverboat, and two clocks, each 12-feet in diameter, resemble paddle wheels.
Swimmers should beware, as the paddle wheels are designed to provide optimal speed with minimal effort and the boat can turn 360[degrees] on its own axis, making for easy maneuverability.
Coal Mill Exhausters - Paddle wheels - or whizzer wheels - are historically the most common design employed for the movement of abrasive coal particles in coal-burning facilities.
To maintain a healthy growout environment, water for the ponds is pumped in from Moreton Bay for six to eight hours, twice a day and circulated using long arm paddle wheels.
Paddle wheels and the oil's flow keep them moving forward.
If steam can turn paddle wheels in the water, it can also turn wheels on land, so that one can imagine a steam locomotive (from Latin words meaning "moving from place to place").
Tenders are invited for Paddle Wheels For Pond Detailed As Mentioned In Nit
He said it would take about two weeks to reassemble the boat; the second deck and paddle wheels had arrived at the lake separately.