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a large wheel fitted with paddles and driven by an engine in order to propel a boat

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Subramanian, Copper(II) bis-chelate paddle wheel complex and its bipyridine/phenanthroline adducts, J.
Robert is originally from Minnesota and as a child watched paddle wheel boats travel the Mississippi River.
Robert Fulton, whose North River Steamboat of Clermont first sailed the Hudson River (propelled by paddle wheels, not jets) 20 years later in 1807, is known today as the man who invented the steamboat, while James Rumsey is forgotten, except by the people of Shepherdstown, W.
Targeted toward grip, armrest and panel applications, the HTWM switch offers rocker-style mounting, knurled or paddle wheel styles and a variety of wheel and bezel colors.
Their cash reserves were also wiped out after the owners had to pay to repair the paddle wheel and take the ship out of the water for six weeks during its busy season.
Editor's Note: This particular alarm does not display on Verados produced after 2007; if the paddle wheel is functional, you may see a transition error if the pitot is not working properly.
But Golestanian, along with co-developers Pietro Tierno, Ignacio Pagonabarraga and Francesc Sagues of the University of Barcelona in Spain, have overcome this problem by developing a micromachine that swims by imitating a paddle wheel.
Paddlewheels: The rotating paddle wheel of a paddle wheel aerator splashes water into the air to affect aeration.
Wood-burning steam boilers below the main deck provided the power to operate a large paddle wheel at the stern of the boat.
These could be small for salons, or bigger for department stores or garden; the action of water on a miniature paddle wheel created an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colours playing on the spray.
Well, now to go along with any 3", 4" and 5" XD pistols, Springfield introduces the XD3500H Paddle Wheel Holster.
You can chose one of two activities: a scenic bicycle ride on the famous Kettle Valley railway through the hills above Okaganan Lake with lunch at Hillside Estate Winery; or a tour of Summerhill Estate Winery and lunch while cruising Okanaga Lake on the Fintry Queen, Kelowna's historic paddle wheel boat.
Advantages of the new system include vertical and horizontal mounting to simplify piping; a choice of materials to allow a wider range of fluids; an easy to read meter with remote option; large digital and analogue displays; maintenance-free; suitability for colour or non-clear liquids; no UV penetration reduces algae growth; negligible pressure drop; no interruption of flow for maintenance or later upgrades; and reduced inventory as paddle wheel is the only variable and no glass to clean.
Now ghostly images have been beamed back from the seabed showing its rudder, a partly buried paddle wheel and bits of a giant steam engine.