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a steam vessel propelled by paddle wheels

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Robredo led the distribution of paddle boats to fishermen from Maribojoc and Panglao towns.
8220;These stand up paddle boats are extremely popular and kayaking is just plain fun and good exercise,” said Smokey Riggert, General Manager of New Melones Lake Marina.
Families could beat the heat with a picnic, paddle boats, hiking, and the children could enjoy the splash pad.
Nainital (Uttarakhand), May 7 (ANI): Boat operators in Nainital District have expressed disappointment over a state government decision to levy 20 percent entertainment tax on paddle boats.
If motors are banned on Waldo Lake, will some provision be made for those who are physically unable to paddle boats in big waters?
You could see paddle boats skimming the pond at Zahwra Park, and go-karts and waterslides.
Along High West Street in this clanking tram Past Nellie Verow's shop and her home made jam Along the Durham Road past the Shipcote Baths Past all the post houses with their garden paths Get off at the Springfield walk down to the park Gann on the paddle boats before it gets too dark Take a walk down Saltwell Park go down to the dean
Used to get a rowing boat out on the big lake or one of those paddle boats out on the other one.
In a tribute to British engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the two teams design and build paddle boats capable of crossing the 'Scrapheap Atlantic'.
On days when you can see the hills and the crystal blue skies, it's gorgeous," said Mike Shanto, the lake's aquatic facilities manager, as his crew readied 14 paddle boats while a cormorant spread its wings on a nearby buoy.
Ride the Buffalo Stampede, railroad, cruise on the Mississippi paddle boats, chat to the chipmunk in the Adventure Farm - and look out for Rocky Racoon and Miss Hugsy Bear.
The people aboard the paddle boats made their crossing to symbolize their own search for the very democratic freedoms upon which Switzerland was founded.
Those who have vacationed at oceanside or lakefront resorts have fond memories of the big-wheeled paddle boats that allow you to navigate the waters by pedaling leisurely.
West Coast, Video Product Distributors of Folsom of California; Maple Leaf Foods in Toronto; and a plastics manufacturer that makes plastic paddle boats for attraction rides at Walt Disney Plastitech, of North Bay.
The Bali Tropic is set in tropical gardens, overlooking a coral reef and offers facilities including a butterfly shaped swimming pool, complimentary snorkelling, windsurfing, day-time tennis and paddle boats.