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Synonyms for pact

Synonyms for pact

an act or state of agreeing between parties regarding a course of action

a formal, usually written settlement between nations

a legally binding arrangement between parties

Synonyms for pact

a written agreement between two states or sovereigns

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Millions already have, and we want to encourage millions more to make a personal commitment to get home safely and Join The Pact by visiting jointhepact.
The reference guide also provided guidance on rating each clinical site on how effective reported structural changes to support PACT implementation were using a 5-point Likert scale.
This is a pact that we have already concluded with 24 nations, including Russia, and we need to secure one with China as well.
though planes flew from the Habbaniya Base of the Baghdad Pact.
The Finance Minister's team has told the President that the proposed draft of the Financial Stability Pact is a framework version, and that during parliamentary talks, many issues can be clarified in order to reach a consensus solution.
Saito told the parliamentary committee that he had not been told about the secret pact issue by his predecessor in the vice foreign minister's post and that he had not briefed the prime minister on any such issue.
California's implementation of PACT is part of a larger movement in teacher education reform in the United States.
Apart from the troops pact, the two signed a long-term strategic framework, which Crocker said would define relations between the countries over the years in "economy, culture, science, technology, health and trade, to name just a few".
Lawmakers have not been informed about the pact," Al-Robaee said in a press conference.
Summary: Washington and Baghdad have reached a final agreement after months of talks on a pact that would require American troops to withdraw from Iraq by 2011, U.
The first meeting of the Linthurst and Hillside PACT - Partners and Communities Together - will be held on November 15 at 7pm in Blackwell Court in Agmore Lane.
In "Estimates of Pregnancies Averted Through California's Family Planning Waiver Program in 2002" [2006, 38(3):126-131], Diana Greene Foster and colleagues discuss the many successes of California's Family PACT program.
As Ancient Pact delves deeper into the evermore engaging mind of main character Karan Coleman as she discovers the estranging truths of her own dreams and realities.
There are certain areas (where) we know we won't be in compliance,'' the chief said of the Los Angeles Police Department's pact with the Justice Department overseeing its conduct.
A likely scenario would have the Andean Pact and Mercosur form a trade pact, while CACM and Caricom join NAFTA.