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a strong three-ply twine used to sew or tie packages

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Recalling Bligh's administration, a poor settler said to John Dunmore Lang: 'Them were the days, sir, for the poor settler: he had only to tell the Governor what he wanted, and he was sure to get it from the Stores; whatever it was, sir, from a needle to an anchor, from a penn'orth o' packthread to a ship's cable.
Like Poor Richard, he also knew that "Mad Kings and mad Bulls are not to be held by treaties and packthread.
take a plan of it, (let it be what town it would) and enlarge it upon a scale to the exact size of his bowling green; upon the surface of which, by means of a large roll of packthread, and a number of small piquets driven into the ground, at the several angles and redans, he transferred the lines from his paper; then taking the profile of the place, with its works, to determine the depths and slopes of the ditches,--the talus of the glacis, and the precise height of the several banquets, parapets, &c.
on a packthread swings The fathers, ranged in goodly row, A decent, venerable show, Writ a great while ago, they tell us, And many an inch o'ertop their fellows.
200 YEARS AGO: Lost from the end of Castle Street in the High Street in Birmingham on Tuesday evening, March 21, a pair of brown leather saddle bags without a lock tied with a piece of packthread string containing sundry articles of wearing apparel,sund ry papers, writings and letters.
was spent `for rushes and packthread to the star'; and John Stow reported that holly and ivy were used at London to decorate houses for the festive season in the sixteenth century.