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Synonyms for packing

any material used especially to protect something

the enclosure of something in a package or box

carrying something in a pack on the back


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Sulzer Mellapak , the most widely used structured packing worldwide, and Sulzer MellapakPlus , the latest generation of structured packing, are included in the related Supply Agreement Contract.
In this way, they looked at how does a packing look like from the point of view of a grain within-i.
In view of these concerns, Stucker and Ansel (1) questioned the benefits of nasal packing in 1978, and since then, several alternatives to traditional packing have been proposed.
As a result of this odd behavior, mathematicians haven't yet found the densest packing scheme for homogeneous groups of high-dimensional spheres.
But when this type of packing fails, the consequences, from pump damage and pump failure to unscheduled plant shutdowns, can be devastating.
Richard Hasenauer, vice president, human resources, Garlock Mechanical Packing, said, "The employee involvement teams that were created in 1985 have greatly improved safety and provided other benefits to Garlock.
1 Africa: Medicaments Containing Vitamins or Provitamins in Dosage Form or Retail Packings Imports in 2011 4.
Since the largest error a code can correct corresponds to the radius of the spheres, and the efficiency of a code is closely related to the density of the sphere packing, Delsarte's method immediately became a powerful tool for studying sphere packings.
Schoenfelder as president of Garlock Mechanical Packing.
Until now, researchers had thought that pushing beyond the spheres' packing density would require major deformations of those objects--for instance, drawing them out into shapes like needles.
Johnson Packings has been treating drill bits, molds, dies, end mills, pump parts, taps, industrial knives and blades.
For both actual and simulated ellipsoids, Torquato and his colleagues now find that random packings fill as much as 73.
Garlock Mechanical Packing, based in Palmyra, New York, is a leading producer of sales, gaskets, packings and expansion joints for industrial applications.
Such circle packings can be described by the curvatures of the first four circles that go into the pattern.