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a nut used to tighten a stuffing box

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For example, if a customer buys a handle puller to pull a tub or shower faucet, they will also need a box end or hollow-core socket wrench to remove packing nuts.
Dry or loose fluid needle packing -- Lubricate or tighten packing nut
If the cap, bonnet, and/or packing nut are chrome-finished, avoid scratching them by taping these parts or taping the edge of the screwdriver and the jaws of the wrench.
Then turn the packing nut clockwise to tighten while holding the valve in place with the second wrench.
With the valve in the off position, loosen the packing nut and slide it toward the handle.
Tenders are invited for Loading unloading,transportation of 8 dia ms pipe line from work shop to work site (by departmental truck) jointing with packing nut bolts as per instruction of engineer incharge of kamptee ocm, kamptee sub area lenght 950mtrs.
Follow this procedure to install the new valve: Shut off the old supply valve (hint: loosen the packing nut slightly).
Tenders are invited for Loading Nloading,Transportation Of 8 Dia Ms Pipe Line From Work Shop To Work Site (By Departmental Truck) Jointing With Packing Nut Bolts As Per Instruction Of Engineer Incharge Of Kamptee Ocm, Kamptee Sub Area Lenght 950Mtrs.
Unscrew the packing nut from the shutoff and remove the handle and core before soldering.
Limited Tenders are invited for Loadingnloading,Transportation Of 8 Dia Mspipe Line From Work Shop To Work Site Bydepartmental Truck) Jointing With Packing Nut
A: You either have a loose packing nut or a bad packing washer.
Be sure to hold back the faucet when you unscrew the packing nut and later screw it back on (Photo 1).
Grease the new packing washer and slide it in place, and then grease the packing nut threads and firmly tighten the packing nut.
Occasionally, after shutting off a toilet supply valve to replace the tank plumbing parts, you may find that the shutoff valve leaks through the packing nut once the valve is opened again.