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a boat for carrying mail

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Editor's Note: Packet boats have been used to deliver mail, packages and people, often great distances, since the early 1600s in Europe and later in North America.
In this context, the dangerously close proximity of the English packet boat and the dominant 'poissard' in Calais Pier appears significant.
Others boarded inland packet boats to cross rivers of considerable length.
I thought I would never get to board that famous oriental packet boat that took our troops across the narrow straights to Korea and the battle lines.
As such it should be enjoyed by two audiences: those who like biography in general and military backgrounds in particular, and those who want a life story of one who built the Padelford Packet Boat Company.
All followed by a lifetime of captaining the Padelford Packet Boat Company which he founded in the year in 1970.
Dresser Valve Division of Unit 4, Suite 1, 1 Nobel House, Grand Union Office Park, Packet Boat Lane, Uxbridge, Middlesex, tel:0189 545 4900 tell us that adaptor kits can be purchased for retrofitting the 123000 head on to their earlier 12120 and 12800 torque tubes.
An English packet boat would arrive in the river town every month, bringing with it men and freight to fascinate a young lad.
The troublesome iron the worker directed them to was the metal hull of a packet boat, a type of craft used to carry passengers and freight along the Kanawha Canal in the 1800s.