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Synonyms for packet


a fortune


Synonyms for packet

a collection of things wrapped or boxed together

(computer science) a message or message fragment

a small package or bundle

Related Words

a boat for carrying mail

References in classic literature ?
Whilst saying these words, with perfectly Italian subtlety he snatched the packet from the hands of Colbert, and re-entered his apartments.
He loosened two buttons of his coat, thrust in his hand, and brought forth the packet.
He had been slow in the act of producing the packet because during it he had been trying to invent a remarkable comment upon the affair.
He could not take his eyes off the smouldering packet.
The fire, choked between a couple of smouldering pieces of wood, had died down for the first few moments after the packet was thrown upon it.
We dropped to the Heights Receiving Towers twenty minutes ahead of time, and there hung at ease till the Yokohama Intermediate Packet could pull out and give us our proper slip.
On the notice-board in the Captains' Room, the pulsing arrows of some twenty indicators register, degree by geographical degree, the progress of as many homeward-bound packets.
How do you know he had a packet to leave at Porto-Ferrajo?
I was passing close to the door of the captain's cabin, which was half open, and I saw him give the packet and letter to Dantes.
You have hit it, Cousin Dickon; it is the executive office of the county; at least so said my father when he gave me this packet to offer you as a Christmas-box.
cried the impatient gentleman, snatching the packet from her hand; “there is no such office in the county.
The packet burst as she did so, and the floor became strewed with bank-notes.
It was not my fault that Polina had thrown a packet in my face, and preferred Mr.
And Emily, my love, get ready a packet of books for Miss Crawley.
Letterblair unlocked a drawer and drew out a packet.