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Synonyms for pacify

calm (down)


Synonyms for pacify

Synonyms for pacify

fight violence and try to establish peace in (a location)

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And Pacify is difficult to trust, having flopped so often.
That form has been franked by subsequent victories for the second (has since won a handicap off a mark, 75, only 1lb lower than Pacify races off today) and the sixth, and Pacify's effort can be upgraded as he raced wide throughout.
Earlier in the day, Nagendra Sharma, media- adviser to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, also came to pacify angry media persons, saying that new government has not issued such direction which favours ban on the entry of journalists inside the Secretariat.
The government did not make efforts to pacify the people there but instead incited them more.
In calling for a probe of the brutal killing and beheading on Sunday of Kenti Diagao, 44, an ethnic Muslim farmer, the Mindanao Human Rights Action Center (MINHRAC) said authorities should intervene and pacify the raging conflict between armed groups warring over parcels of government land at the border of the villages of Amas and Patadon in Kidapawan City.
However, as the country looks forward to hosting the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup, the Brazilian government has sought to pacify some of the most dangerous areas.
In a statement, copy received by Aswat al-Iraq, MP Kareem Ilaiwee, he disclosed that "there are laws, if endorsed, will pacify the Iraqi public opinion, particularly the Federal Court and Infrastructure laws".
Furrow and Pacify,y Central Station, Wrexham, Nov 26 THERE were three bands playing in Wrexham's Central Station on Monday evening.
efforts to pacify political escalation Internal Security report about tracing accused Kazi ASSAFIR: Third meeting between Assad and Hariri.
So, the focus of the fourth chapter named "Preventing Protests "Divide and Pacify as Political strategy" is on the strategic role of social policies in preempting the political danger posed by threatened workers, pointing out that the means (strategic policies) used by the countries' governments to manipulate the work--welfare status of individuals were intended to reduce the capacity for reform losers' mobilization.
BARCLAYS executive directors will not receive an annual bonus this year as the bank seeks to pacify investors over its pounds 7bn fundraising.
a aaa The United States of America could bring out this issue from stalemate "because it is afraid of this region and wishes to pacify it.
Brunstrom, an officer with North Wales police, had agreed to be a guinea pig for the device which is intended to pacify offenders without the need for lethal force.
Basically, this is cash which is used to pacify groups such as those who lobbied for Parkhill Drive to be a no-through road.
The move comes at a time when more than 20,000 new American troops are pouring in to Baghdad - the so-called "surge" - part of a US-Iraqi push to pacify the capital.