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  • verb

Synonyms for pacify

calm (down)


Synonyms for pacify

Synonyms for pacify

fight violence and try to establish peace in (a location)

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Police told media that Babar had travelled to his in-laws' residence to try and pacify his wife who was allegedly upset with him for the past two years.
He said that he was even trying to pacify her, but she allegedly kept on shouting and pointing her finger at him.
Given the sensitivity of the situation, the DPO contacted some of the members of the district peace committee, including Maulana Shabbir Ahmed, and requested them to pacify the mob.
Pacify won by a similar margin over this course and distance last month and can be forgiven his defeat over a longer trip at Goodwood last time.
Should we enhance the rumour pseudo science Is on loan In a frosted glass to hide from the eye The emptiness within To pacify the anxious consumer?
Singh and Superintendent of Police Piyush Srivastava had to rush to the spot to pacify the angry residents.
That leaves us with a shortlist of four Master Carpenter, Noble Gift, Pacify and Thundering Blue.
Back home, Joe seems unwell, so Nina tries to pacify him by reading a Thomas Hardy book - one Nunney lent her - pretending it's by the youngster's favourite author Enid Blyton.
seems unwell, pacify him by Hardy book - her - pretending youngster's Enid Blyton.
The latest move of the coalition partners created speculations for two possible scenarios--the return of Nikola Gruevski as head of government or forming an expert government that will somewhat pacify the political scene and open the road for organizing fair and credible elections.
When Sisodia tried to pacify the journalists, photographers and cameramen, they didn't relent and refused to attend the press conference.
pacify hep- And while his return would be a massive commercial coup for United - and would also pacify fans who feel he has never been properly replaced - this time United Executive Vice-chairman Ed Woodward will be able to negotiate from a position of power.
BAGDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: National Alliance MP confirmed here today that there are initiatives for the Alliance and Iraqiya Bloc to "pacify the public and solve differences".
Furrow and Pacify,y Central Station, Wrexham, Nov 26 THERE were three bands playing in Wrexham's Central Station on Monday evening.
Pieter Vanhuysse, Divide and Pacify: Strategic Social Policies and Political Protests in Post-Communist Democracies (Budapest: Central European University Press, 2006), 190 pp.