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Synonyms for pacifist

peace lover


Synonyms for pacifist

inclined or disposed to peace; not quarrelsome or unruly

Synonyms for pacifist

someone opposed to violence as a means of settling disputes

opposed to war

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"I thought it was kind of them to let me get a pacifist message over," said Mr Evans, from Wellington.
Pacifist theory raises consciousness about unjustifiable violence.
While it is true that his invention killed millions of people, it is also important to mention that Alfred Nobel himself was a pacifist and loathed wars.
"The songs were written as a tribute to the people we interviewed." A Pacifist's Guide to the War on Cancer opened in Manchester and was then at the National Theatre in autumn 2016.
In fact, if Andrews's argument across all five chapters has one thing in common, it is the commitment to challenging the overarching simplification that has commonly attended pacifist literature--and, by extension, the commonplace reduction of 1930s literature and modernism to flimsy, one-dimensional constructions that do not account for the way politically-engaged, experimental, pacifist writing emerged within their concomitant cultures.
Michael Mears believes he has inherited a 'pacifist gene' - but he's not sure where from - as his own father and grandfather fought in both world wars.
A nosecap shell had ripped apart the stomach of the pacifist, as he scrambled up a ridge towards the Germans during an assault at Passchendaele, the lovely name given to a Belgian village.
Conscious he is seen by some as weak on defence, Mr Corbyn will insist: "I am not a pacifist. I accept military action, under international law and as a genuine last resort, is in some circumstances necessary.
History tells us that Labour has never been a pacifist party.
Gandhi was undoubtedly the 20th century's most famous pacifist. We would do well to reflect on Gandhi's remedy for the Holocaust: he believed that the Jews should have committed mass suicide, because this "would have aroused the world and the people of Germany to Hitler's violence."
Tokyo, Japan | AFP -- Japan is expected to pass security bills Friday that would allow troops to fight on foreign soil for the first time since World War II, despite fierce criticism it will fundamentally alter the character of the pacifist nation.
NNA - Bells tolled and thousands bowed their heads in prayer in Hiroshima on Thursday at ceremonies marking the 70th anniversary of the world's first atomic bombing while survivors warned about Japan's moves away from its pacifist constitution.
During the Q&A, I asked Wills whether he was, as I am, "disappointed and even justifiably angry that the Catholic church is not a pacifist church.
While the argument is not made, it could be read as suggesting that the pacifist tradition in the Holiness and Pentecostal churches owes it origins to the Mennonite position.
Yonhap added that Japan's leading news agency, Kyodo News, emphasized in a report that the US senators commended Japan for reinterpreting its pacifist Constitution on self-defense rights.